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Flow is an universal law that when broken creates ripples of pain, chaos and illness


To hesitate, procrastinate, second-guess and resist change is to go against the current of life.

To know you are here for a lot more than what you are currently doing and not trusting your gut is to betray your heart.

To feel that a more intimate, passionate and spiritually aligned love story is possible yet to settle one more year for uninspiring, mediocre love is to burry your dreams while still alive.

To know deep in your bones that more vitality, energy and clarity of mind are possible..

That peace and confidence are possible..

That health and exuberance are possible..

Yet to settle for lethargy, caffeine-dependency, medications, drugs and a half-broken system is a sin.

Meaning, it goes against the natural flow of life.

It is to miss the mark.

Most people when feeling stuck resort to their mind to try and sort themselves out..

Forgetting that it’s often their mind the one that got them there to begin with.

Rationalizing too much, hesitating at every turn, making “evidence-based” decisions yet second-guessing every decision they make.

Going through lists of pros & cons, waves of overthinking and inevitable anxiety.

There isn’t a single choice that comes from the mind that is bound to last unless your energies, body and heart are aligned with it.

Sure! you could change your mind in a heartbeat..

And that’s as much as a gift as it is a curse:
Today you want something and feel a fiery resolve to follow that path.

Tomorrow something happens and you’re back to square one, reconsidering what you previously thought you wanted.

Years go to waste in these cycles of intention, action, hesitation and reconsideration.

Yet no smart person, who highly values their time and life, ever allows for cycles of mediocrity to perpetuate over and over and over..

For life’s too brief and you’ll be damned if you waste it playing small!

So what to do?

Fortunately the question of “What do I want?” is not new to the human condition..

And over centuries, different cultures came up with their own approach to creating clarity of direction.

In South American shamanism they work in unison with the natural world to leverage certain herbs, flowers and medicinal plants to cleanse and harmonize a person’s energies (and from there, their mind and body follow)

In the Hindu traditions, they understood how to work with the 5 elements within the body in order to cleanse them, altering in this way the patterns of thought and feeling so that the source of who we are could be touched, and from there, effortless clarity sprouted.

The North American indigenous tribes had their “Vision Quest”, which was a rite of passage through which a person would mature, having received a vision from “The Great Spirit” before an important transition in their life.

And like these there are plenty of paths towards the same destination.

However, you don’t have to walk alone.