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I could not have done it without her, at least not soon enough to not regret it.


Our greater challenge is rarely to part with the ugly, unconscious tendencies we have..

It is to let go of the ones we’ve grown to love.

It is to have the humility to acknowledge that there’s A LOT that we don’t know that we don’t know.

A lot of unconscious patterns that rig our romantic, financial and spiritual lives.

A lot of stuff we have never dealt with because we found ways to be entertained, distracted, busy, “productive” and efficient..

Work projects, travels and sex being often at the top of the list..

They make you feel like you’re killing it! Like you’ve made it..

But no matter how great the conquest, there’s a subtle void within..

And a whisper that calls us forth.

Had it not been for plant medicine I would’ve most likely kept running in circles of achievement, addiction, connection and disappointment.

Until I became too old or weary about the meaninglessness of it all..

However; I’m glad I was nudged awake before wasting all that time
pretending to be who I was really not.

Playing games my heart was never really into.

The medicine is there for those who are brave and have the courage to cut the cycles short, move beyond stagnation and transform.

Yet as a good friend says “Every great life has had in it a great renunciation..”

Are you ready to renounce?