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Nothing bears nastier fruits than seeds planted out of confusion.


Look at your greatest heartbreaks, financial losses, relational frustrations and mental/emotional restlessness.

It’s ALL rooted in a poor choice you made (or a choice you have yet to make)

Most people waste their life, feeling stuck, confused, seeing how the days go by without much changing:.

Cycles of mediocrity, settling down, contempt and later regret are the greatest plague.

But it doesn’t have to be like that,
in fact, life does not work like that.

The laws of nature are clear and consistent.
The rules of life do not waiver.
The stream of the river always points towards the ocean.

Everything in nature knows its place and purpose, it’s just humans who’ve made a mess out of themselves through overthinking.

Paralysis by over analysis they call it!

Imagine, however, waking up and being with the lover you chose 100% (and feel fully committed to)..

Running the business and serving the world in a way that feels deeply right to your heart..
Noticing you know the next best steps you need to take to amp up the volume of prosperity, love and peace that’s present in your life.

Feeling clarity even when there’s chaos all around you 🔥

Especially when there is.

This need not be an ideal..
It’s actually your factory settings!

And fortunately, for thousands of years indigenous shamans and mystic yogis discovered tools and practices to press the reset button so that clarity and confidence may naturally arise.