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No B.S. Spirituality.

Marrying the divine with the mundane, spiritual and human. The greatest miracle is life itself, and you are THAT.

I’m here to help you move from a life void of meaning and virtue towards one of purpose & mastery.

Who is Nicolas Canon
the problem 

We know we are capable of so much more..

We feel deep inside that we have a profound calling that goes beyond our trivial day-to-day responsibilities..

We ache to express ourselves FULLY.

For life to become a source of magic, beauty and harmony instead of this confusing, sticky mess of anxiety, depression, disconnection and pain.

We long to experience the bliss of a meaningful life in service of the Creator, without abandoning the beauty of our individual needs and desires.

We want to be of service to our God, our family and community, and we know that starts with becoming bigger Beings ourselves.

Who is Nicolas Canon
Who is Nicolas Canon
Who is Nicolas Canon
Who is Nicolas Canon

Ancestral Wisdom meets Modern Science.

Most priests profess renunciation of the world while the business gurus invite you to renunciate all else but your work.

We live in a world where the extremes of spirituality and practicality rarely intersect.

In my work, we marry the law of attraction & action into the Practice of Traction. 

This is where the rubber meets the road.

I have devoted over a decade to ensure I first walk before I talk, and beyond that – that I have the right tools to teach what I know in replicable, predictable ways.

My work was developed through studying Ancestral Indigenous Wisdom, Gottman’s Clinical Couple’s Therapy and Eastern Mysticism. 

It is a gentle yet straight-forward path to supporting inner transformation through an integral system that honours your roots, your heart and your spirit.


From Overdoses, Sex-addiction & Lack of direction to Integral, Married and Life-oriented Man.

I’m here to restore the sanctity of all that is human.

THAT is the divine in action.

To embrace with open arms the life we have been given, not as the cross we carry but as the opportunity that we are.

Who is Nicolas Canon
Who is Nicolas Canon

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