3 Months Journey w/ a 10 Days Adventure in Colombia + 5 Ayahuasca Ceremonies
Mind. Body. Energy.

Stagnation, confusion and eventual frustration come when in spite of your well-intended efforts, the results are distant, inconsistent or unreliable at best.

This is because nobody ever taught you that to be whole, you must know how to work with your body, mind and energies as a unit.

Healing and Transformation are EXTREMELY PRACTICAL .

Once you know what you need to do and how, changing your mind and relationships become inevitable side-effects of your process.

I support people in understanding WHY they are where they are (emotionally, relationally and mentally) and guide them to WHAT they need to do and HOW so they can turn their life around fast.

No gimmicks, magic bullets, woo-woo things.

 Reliable, Practical Spirituality.

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You are not alone and that together, WE can. Trust!

You are not alone and that together, WE can. Trust!

Hyper-Individualism is a form of trauma-coping. Think about it! We are the most dependent mammals in all of nature We would not make it far without having someone to protect and provide for us during our childhood years. Unlike most of the other animals who within a...

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