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Grounded, Sacred Intimacy.

Restoring Peace, Love and Beauty in Relationships.

I’m here to help you move from disenchanting, frustrating love scenarios to healthy, inspiring and passionate romances.

Who is Nicolas Canon
the problem 

We know we are capable of so much more..

We feel deep inside that profound calling to melt into the fire of a passionate romance, rooted in devotion.

We ache to feel seen, heard and understood..

For conflict to be navigated in a manner that unites us and strengthens our bond instead of our closure.

We long to experience the bliss of a harmonious love story in service of our family, without abandoning the beauty of our individual needs and desires.

We know greater love is possible and yet, we try to “just wing it”..

Who is Nicolas Canon
Who is Nicolas Canon
Who is Nicolas Canon
Who is Nicolas Canon

Ancestral Wisdom meets Modern Science.

Most professional therapists struggle to have their own life and relationships in order.. In the same way that most polarity / relationship coaches also happen to be single themselves (in spite of their well articulated wisdom)

Integrity and experience are therefore lacking in most methods where the theory makes sense but the transmission is lacking.

I have devoted over a decade to ensure I first walk before I talk, and beyond that – that I have the right tools to teach what I know in replicable, predictable ways.

The Sacred Bonds Method was developed through studying Ancestral Indigenous Wisdom, Gottman’s Clinical Couple’s Therapy and Eastern Mysticism. 

It is a gentle yet straight-forward path to supporting the healing of relationships through an integral system that honours your roots, your heart and your spirit.

Your desire for passion, love and devotion.


From Commitment-Avoidant Dating Coach to Married, Medicine Man.

I’m Nicolas Canon, originally from Bogota, Colombia. At 16, I went to College in Canada where I decided to transform from an introverted kid into a heart-breaking frat boy, traveling the world in a quest to explore romance, beauty and adventure.

I was eventually invited to join the Ars Amorata coaching team, where I assisted hundreds of men worldwide in improving their relationships. However, a painful breakup, resulting from my narcissism, forced me to reassess my own beliefs and go down a path of healing.

Throughout vision quests, fasting for days in the mountains under a shaman’s guidance, to 100+  Ayahuasca ceremonies living within a plant-medicine community: I found myself.

My experiences taught me a simple truth: Conscious love requires that we heal and grow spiritually.

This understanding transformed my life and led me to my wife, a woman whose love inspires me to be a better man and to serve the world with greater devotion.

Today, I combine my practical dating coaching experience with spiritual insights from Eastern traditions & indigenous elders, as well as clinical couple’s therapy training (Gottman’s).

I’m on a mission to support men and women in restoring the sanctity of relationships by rekindling the fires of beauty, love, and aliveness.

Who is Nicolas Canon
Who is Nicolas Canon

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