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You will never think your way out of being stuck, for it is your mind that got you there to begin with..


Feeling stagnant, confused or overwhelmed by lack of clarity is a symptom that you’re in your head.

Indecisiveness is the limbo where all of human potential (and peace of mind) goes to waste.

Not knowing whether to commit fully to that business venture that calls your heart, whether to stay or leave a relationship that may be past its due date, or simply unsure about how to take the next step in your journey of healing..

Those are all nasty places to be in.

I say nasty because being confused means that you don’t move forward and change things with courage, but neither do you learn to love and embrace where you’re at..

Sitting on the fence it’s only bound to hurt your ass..

With that said, most people try to think their way out of their dilemmas.. as if fire could ever put out fire 🤦🏻‍♂️

A deeper, clearer intelligence must be touched if we want to move forward with clarity and confidence.

Ancient yogis and indigenous shamans knew this, that’s why their advice was never in the form of lectures but instead, they’d bathe you with a specific mix of plants..

Have you eat some other..

Make you breathe in another way..

And even rearrange your home in a particular manner..

And you would see that the confusion -once removed from your field- would inevitably be removed out of your mind.

They knew how to work with the body, mind, energies and environment to kick-start certain processes within.. so that clarity would sprout.

Are you ready?

Let’s do this!