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What turned my life around for good wasn’t the hundreds of plant medicine ceremonies or the libraries of self-development books and spiritual teachings I had explored over the years..

t wasn’t the workshops, retreats, or even the intense months living with Colombian shamans..

Nor the chaos, frustration and feelings of being “stuck”, or the pain from a life that felt incongruent and far below my potential..

While they all contributed to a healthier way of living, it was commitment and love that actually saved me.

It was the choice to co-create a beautiful relationship with a woman and taking responsibility for all that this entailed.

I had to deal with all the nonsense of my upbringing, the imbalances between my inner masculine & feminine, the resentment towards mom and dad, the fears of being vulnerable and the unworthiness and confusion about love and dating in general…

I had to address my workaholic tendencies and see it was but a glorified way of hiding from the world..

I had to start thinking of myself as a ‘family man” and wanting to be a more present partner and parent (than my parents had been)..

So I began being more strategic and intentional, working less and earning more ($70k+ months)

I had to heal my addictions and ways in which I was playing small. They came up and now there was nowhere to hide.

Wanting to lead through example I stopped drinking, eating poorly and started taking impeccable care of my mind, body and heart.

And in learning to be FULLY devoted to another, my spiritual journey sped up beyond my wildest dreams.

I am now certain that a relationship is the greatest fire that will either purify you or burn and destroy you.

Some relationships erode your self-worth, destroy your finances, damage your mental health and degrade the way you relate to life..

Some will help you rise above your limitations, becoming prosperous, passionate and peaceful in the process.

But no relationship ever allows you to remain the same.

So choose consciously!

As if your life depended on it, because -to a large degree- it really does.


One of the greatest insights I had during the recent retreats was the importance of true friendship.

The word friend, or amigo (in spanish) comes from the latin ‘amicus’ which means a person who is loved.

And love -in its real and empowering sense- isn’t meekness, niceness nor people pleasing.

Love is the ultimate stand we can take for one another.

A place where we can see, beyond each other’s nonsense, the beauty, light and power that lies at the core of every human, and relate to them as such..

Never again looking down, having pity or agreeing with untruths.

No longer buying into their stories of limitation, separation and victimization.

Having compassion and understanding for what they go through without subscribing for a single second to them being smaller than their challenges or incapable of tapping into their heart’s strength.

During the last ceremony I was brought to my knees, quite literally, in agony and despair.

For the first time my body was no longer under my control, my mind was overwhelmed and I felt powerless to deal with any of it..

I felt weak, small and insignificant.

Decades of spiritual work and being grounded amounted to nothing in that moment..

Until a friend came and sat next to me, and feeling the vastness of his heart- I allowed myself to lean in and rely on him.

In that moment I understood that navigating life all by myself (and always being the one on whom people relied) was coming to an end.

In that moment I tapped into an exponential source of strength found in trusting high integrity friendship, and my ceremony turned around.

I saw that a friend is someone whose heart is there to keep you going, not to coddle you and agree with your smallness but to face the unknown side by side.

A friend stands for you being conscious and competent over merely comfortable.

That is love.

To act towards others from the highest place within us, relating to them as the highest place within them.

And friendship, a vehicle for men and women to exercise that love.

To be there for each other, never again as means of escapism and distraction but as allies towards mutual liberation.

Realizing that together, we are stronger.


Grateful to be wrapping up “The Sacred Path” retreat in Colombia.

🔥 Together with the group we explored hidden natural gems that haven’t yet been stained by the touch of tourism en-masse, crystalline waterfalls and honey-water-rivers, green paradises, 500+ year old trees, thunder-storm filled jungles and sacred forests.

Heightened awareness, community, Ayahuasca, Tobacco, Coca leaf, fasting food and fasting sleep, breath and cold water were some of the medicines that embraced us through this journey of transformation.

Some came to shake hands with their past and their fear, their self-abandonment, unresolved childhood trauma and deteriorating physical health..

Some came to reignite their love, passion and compassion in their relationships.. understanding where things had gone wrong and returning back into harmony.

And some other came to be touched by something greater so that they could become instruments of the creator, done living a limited superficial life, ready to be forged through the fire into powerful heart-based leaders set on serving humanity at a large scale.

In essence, we all walked our very own Sacred Path.

Whether it was releasing and healing..

reconnecting & loving..

or transcending and serving.

Nature has a way of handing us the exact lessons, situations and people we need given where we’re at.

And everyone got what they needed..


Thank you to the incredible group that got together, our elder, shamans, teachers and medicine people who shared all of themselves so that we could all return to ourselves.
For those of you who missed this, stay tuned!

Adventure calls you… 🌱

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This is only for Men

Capital M – Men.

Leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, coaches & healers.

I know you have what it takes to live life on your terms, way above the standards that most men have set out for themselves.

In fact, your mastery over your work and service is a living proof of that.

Yet as cliche as it sounds, it does get lonely at the top.

A lot more comfortable, freeing and exciting, YES..

but definitely lonely.

(or ‘in aloneness’ if we’re being surgically accurate with language)

Most people are quite okay with living lives of conforming to mediocrity and bending over backwards in a system that is beyond corrupt..

And a few others have the awareness and competence to orient their efforts into becoming stewards of their communities, their land and their culture.

Men of wealth but also men of health..

Of direction, protection and provision..

Conscious about their impact and relentless in their commitment.

Driven by their heart’s fire and no longer the world’s greed.

If this is you, I would love to extend a personal invitation to the sacred mountains of Colombia.

We will sit in a sacred temple with the jungle medicines in connection to other Men.

Men who – like you – are operating at a high level of integrity, purpose and efficiency in their life.

More than the medicine journeys guided by Colombian shamans, the greatest medicine I foresee is that of co-creation, collaboration and camaraderie in brotherhood..

But not your ‘drum-circle’ kumbaya, airy fairy watered down flavour of masculinity.


Full fledged, honour-based, death-embracing, presence-inducing connection with other Men.

If you’ve gotten so far in life being the driving force behind your business, your work and your service…

Imagine what it would be like to have 8-10 other men with shared values (and their life and business as the evidence to prove it) in your corner.

When we get together, as MEN (not boys), our presence does NOT merely add to one another..

It multiplies..

Exponentially, to several magnitudes.

This is how great shifts are made.

I foresee a massive one coming out of this container.

Are you ready to play your part in it?

Adventure calls you…

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I shall fully come out of the closet..

The literary closet that is. 📕

Mom, Dad, friends: I am writing a book!

This book is a lifelong dream that was a little overdue.

A baby that for a couple of years has been kicking and pushing, aching to be born..

yet my own fears, confusion and busy-ness had me put it aside and pretend I’d do it “tomorrow” (which is the place where all meaningful dreams go to die)

Finally, I gathered both the courage and the professional support to let it come to life!

I’ve got my book doulas ready and a party planned. 😉

“GRACE” is a book that condenses 15+ years of personal exploration (wins, epic fails, addiction, recovery, scarcity, providence and more) together with 100s of insights I had during my times living in/working with plant medicine communities in the Colombian mountains & jungles.

Therefore, this is a book that marries the spiritual and the practical.

Mystic & material collided into one.

It is a poetic, actionable guide for humans to navigate their inner landscape from a place of pain and into their full power.

This book will be especially useful for those who are in a journey of meaning, depth and consciousness..

However, it is NOT for those who just want to yell affirmations at the mirror, create a vision board, burn sage and expect their life is going to change.


This book will touch the wound.

It will call you out.

It will pour alcohol all over it..

It will burn.

But it will also heal.

GRACE is for those who are ready for a spiritual journey, grounded in THIS reality.

Connected to their heart, anchored in their body, free in their mind.

Leaders, professionals, healers, fellow entrepreneurs and seekers!

I’m excited to be sharing my life’s work with you soon!!!

Thank you for being a part of this.


“I went with it. I made the choice to go into darkness.. and on the other side I felt and saw in that moment that I was actually God.”⁠ J. Hudson

Before we continue, please do not let the word “God” confuse you – None of the work I do is about religiosity, blind faith or woo-woo, new agey spirituality⁠

⁠In fact, those who come to the retreat are surprised at how practical it all is (I reserve philosophizing for social media)⁠

⁠Anyways, Justin’s experience is NOT an isolated one.⁠

⁠Several people come with all sorts of intentions, ailments, confusions and chaos they want to sort out internally.⁠

⁠Whether it is past trauma or the accumulated years of not being themselves, the loss of a loved one or a failed marriage..⁠

⁠And while most of that can be easily handled and healed, the deeper reason people are here for (sometimes unknown to them) is the search for something bigger.⁠

⁠God. Great Spirit. The Creator. The Essence of the Universe. The Tao. Samadhi. Love.⁠

⁠You name it…⁠

⁠That energy that is at the core of everything that exists. ⁠

Justin had a lived experience of being the creator, not a mere philosophy or idea but a tangible process more real than anything else.⁠

⁠THIS is the essence of my work:⁠

⁠To guide people back to themselves, to KNOW themselves, to MEET themselves and to understand that everything else is nothing by garments gathered along the journey.⁠

⁠Once that meeting happens, NOTHING is ever the same.⁠

⁠Problems, traumas and confusions are resolved effortlessly once the energy of creation is vibrant and alive within you (as a live experience and not a mere idea).⁠

⁠Connecting to God means connecting to that place within that has infinite wisdom, power, acceptance, love and responsibility.

⁠For clients to connect to this point it takes a serious commitment from their end, but once they come to the core of who they are.. their next steps become clear.⁠

⁠For confusion is a side-effect of not knowing who you truly are or what you truly want.⁠

⁠and KNOWING yourself, the antidote to that.⁠

Now, for those wanting more practical and measurable “results”, Justin went from being someone over concerned with pleasing, being kind and saving others (white knight syndrome) often at the expense of himself (which had led to an inevitable divorce)..

To being a dynamic man who has followed his instincts and travelled the world since, lived in a few countries and created beautiful romantic connections along his journey.

He is unapologetically sharing himself and his message with the world (something he had challenges with before) while smiling along the way.

⁠Adventure calls you…

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There are questions that only arise in the minds of those who’ve reached a certain level of mastery over their external life.

Most human beings waste their life away chasing money, comfort and connection.

Nothing wrong with that..

But those -who’ve made a decent financial living, invested in luxury and quality of life and developed meaningful relationships- realize that there must be more.

And there is.

For life isn’t merely an eternal hamster-wheel of making more money and expanding your “empire”..

It isn’t merely an endless relational-loop of fine-tuning your masculine, your feminine, your sex life, your partner and all kinds of circus to try and squeeze pleasure, meaning and joy out of a romantic connection..

And it definitely isn’t a big house, fast car, fancy vacation or even fit, resilient and healthy body..

In fact, in my experience, reaching these “dreams” is not the end goal but the beginning of the journey

For only when a person has fulfilled -to a relatively decent degree- their external cravings, they realize that more of any of that will never suffice.

This is the reason lots of young millionaires and lottery ticket winners kill themselves a bit too early:

They come face to face with an existential void that no person, bank balance or experience – no matter how intense – can ever fulfill.

They’re confronted with a spiritual angst that most people never ever feel because they’re too busy chasing their own next version of “a little better.”

And the truth is that “a little better” is a guaranteed way to eventually crash into meaninglessness.


Nihilism and addiction.

For some it’s drugs, for some it’s money, for most I know it’s work.

Under the disguise of impact and growth pain is kept at bay.

The dog would not know what to do with its tail if it ever caught it.

Therefore he doesn’t.

The game would be over..

And then what?

Well, then the real journey begins.

The inwards journey beyond the limitations of physicality.

The journey towards death:

The death of all that a person believes they are, the cracking of the outer shell of the seed so that a greater expression of life may spring forth.

A process of rebirth that demands total surrender, trust and courage.

This is a process not for those who want more..

It is the quest for those who want it all.

And for that, they just be willing to lose it all.

All of themselves..

All of their fear..

All of their untruths..

Only when a person is ready to lose their mind,

they’ve got a solid chance at finding their heart.


Adventure calls you…

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Three years ago, I was in the Amazon jungle at our shaman’s home when in the middle of a ceremony, a wave of intensity forced me on my knees.

I was sweating and trying to pace my breath, grounding my feet and hands on the earth, trying to make sense of the waves of energy I felt rushing through my entire body..

In that moment I started seeing single words appear in rapid succession, hundreds of them per second, for a few minutes.

I felt disoriented and overwhelmed, confused for I couldn’t understand what was happening..

Once the waves of words stopped, I asked the medicine “what was that about !!?”

“It’s a book” she replied

“A book I should read?”

“A book you should write.” she said, followed by a glimpse of the title and its cover.

(which, as an artist, was not my idea of the most aesthetic book cover.. but go figure 😅)

I was shocked and a bit dismissive of the whole thing, there was enough on my plate and my plans were far distant from wanting to work on writing a book..

However, it felt like it was an important piece of homework I was given..

And every time I’ve followed mother Aya’s homework, my life has unfolded into inexplicable levels of beauty, joy and adventure.

I was apprehensive around sharing this story because -if i’m fully honest- I often cringe around people who use and abuse the words “downloads” “codes” “activations” 🤢 because most of the time they’re just referring in fancy words to their own compulsive thought and imagination 😂

I’ve literally held my face on my palms wondering if I might have become one of “those” people..

But whether it was my imagination, or a genuine channeling of something greater, it felt important to allow this creative endeavour to find expression.

That was the night that the book “Grace” was born.

“Grace: A practical, No-bullsh*t journey from Pain to Purpose.”

It is a manuscript that condenses most of what I know about human suffering, pain and the integration of it into wisdom, beauty and unavoidable grace.

I aim to guide those reading it through their inner landscape, honouring their darkness, befriending their fear and freeing themselves from their trauma..

Only to arrive at the arms of grace – recognizing that -if you’re willing- your worst nightmare becomes the seed of the most beautiful dream.

And that which once wounded you becomes the source of your greatest gifts and wisdom..

So that what you thought was life working against you, you learn to see was nothing but the palpable hands of the creator working FOR YOU.

Writing this book has been confronting me with parts of myself and my own journey where pain was left unaddressed..

It has forced me to really simplify and condense, in a practical way, the spiritual practices I have learned in my journey through Eastern mysticism (Yoga) and South American shamanism.

It’s a bridge between the spiritual and the practical.

It’s not personal-development, for my idea is not to help develop your persona even more..

It’s personal-annihilation..


Freedom from aversion towards suffering and pain.

Freedom from entanglement with one’s history and victimization by one’s past.

Freedom from righteousness, resentment and apathy.

An openness towards the never-ending stream of grace that’s always available in life..

To those willing to put themselves aside and empty themselves enough so that something greater may pour in.


You cannot high-five your way out of trauma and doing the work.

“On top of things” was the caption underneath this photo, taken at the empire state building after a Tony Robbins event 6 years ago.

Pretending to be kicking ass when in reality I was utterly broken on the inside.

My relationship at the time was crumbling in a very ugly way and my coping mechanisms had become more and more unhealthy.

The place where I worked was extremely toxic and was taking a toll on my physical health, besides being put down and told I was not good enough consistently by the owner.

I thought I was killing it when in reality, it was all -slowly- killing me.

The love and joy for life was being sucked out of me, and I was an accomplice in all of it!

I had decided to go and see Tony Robbins since I didn’t know much better and the UPW program promised to be a catalyst for growth in ALL areas of my life.

The truth is that, after jumping up and down, endlessly high-fiving strangers and shouting affirmations into the air..

and walking on hot burning coals..

NOTHING substantial changed.

Because you cannot shout and distract your way out of looking inside.

You cannot ‘firewalk’ your heart into openness…

You cannot high-give yourself out of trauma and the coping mechanisms you have gathered.

And I don’t mean to pee on anyone’s parade, for I know that his events and books tend to be the starting point for money.

However, looking back, I realize that events like these often set the wrong tone for what doing the work ACTUALLY means.

Because after a workshop high people are faced with the inevitable lows that follow.

The low of an still hyper-vigilant nervous system

The low of unconscious patterns and habituated triggers

The low of essential disconnection from life itself

The low of absent community and quality relationships

The low of having financial resources to pay for “transformative” experiences only to realize that nothing substantial had transformed..

So you must choose and admit whether you got fooled or there’s something wrong with you.

And most people would rather pathologize themselves than admit they were wrong in their discernment and made a poor investment.

Doing the work is not cheering and clapping over a weekend with thousands of others..

It is having the courage to sit alone and in silence.

To face your past, your history, your trauma and the ways in which you carry it until now..

To recognize that it is your low standards and permissiveness that have allowed for ugliness to dig its roots into your life.

To do the work is to claim full responsibility for ALL OF IT.

And that is painful, because to heal it you must first feel it.

To do the work is not to fake smile and dance, then shout affirmations into the mirror saying “I am wealthy, healthy and in love” while your house is on fire.

Doing the work is understanding that life doesn’t care for what you say to the mirror, and the fire will consume you if you don’t turn around and pay attention to it.

It means doing the less exciting, less cool stuff of pulling up your sleeves and digging through decades of old sh!t.

Stirring it all over until you find missing parts of yourself, tending to them, cleaning them and putting your heart back together.

“On top of things” was a good description, for I was stepping over all that was not working so that the illusion of grandiosity could be created.

So that others would think that I was somehow higher.

When what I really needed was not to be on top of it but IN IT.

Involved with it.

Noticing, feeling, reflecting and releasing all of what was weighing heavy.

Which, fortunately I eventually did.

I thank the Colombian jungle medicines in great part for this, for it was in the darkest of nights -covered in vomit, tears and pain, body shaking and mind split into a million pieces- that I found myself.

I returned to my truth not by pretending to be on top of all that had hurt but by going inside of it, to its core.

Calling out for all the parts of my psyche that had fragmented out of pain and shame, and having the humility and courage to forgive, embrace and integrate them back into me.

It was only when I stopped pretending that I was somewhere where I was not, that life provided me with the tools and the guidance to do the work.

From an honest starting point, and not a fake, self-aggrandized illusion.

It was only then that, in the mornings after ceremony, that the smiles and high-fives were unnecessary – for the deepest sense of victory, arrival. realization and celebration were already deeply imbedded into my heart.

What ensued afterwards was grace itself.

In short, my relationship ended, I quit my job, changed my habits.

Lost 20+ pounds of excess weight, started earning in a day what I would in 2 months of work, got married, restored the relationship with my family, started 2 more companies…

But the most important accomplishment was discovering that..

The path and the work is NOT achieved by walking on fire.

It is by letting your own fire burn you down!

Destroy you.

Turn you into ashes.

Part away with all the illusions and falsehood you’ve accumulated..

All the stories about you who are and what life is..

Only then, when you’ve become no-thing.

You are free.

You are home.


“What was it like to drink medicine with a 109 y/o shaman?” Well, not what I imagined, here’s why..

In all truth, the experience with Ayahuasca was okay. I anticipated it being an overwhelming blast out of reality but It was actually beautiful and very cleansing – rather calm and gentle in contrast to other ceremonies I’ve participated in.

I wouldn’t say they were super magical and extraordinary..

🔥However, being in the presence of our elder was.

The aliveness, humour and selfless dedication with which he carries himself were the real medicine.

I was in awe at the humility and surrender of this man, who -despite his age- would be up all night sitting, walking and chanting, playing his harmonica as everyone else comfortably laid down..

He’d also be awake way past the time when we had all gone to sleep – supporting people who had more delicate conditions and needed his private attention.

He was quite literally a force of nature.

Drinking ayahuasca with him was alright, but witnessing the beauty of a human who has dedicated his life to service was what really touched my heart.

It made me reflect on all the trivialities and compulsions of life where I waste my energy, all the ways in which I have yet to commit fully and all the nonsense I unconsciously cling to.

His presence showed me what is possible – if only I surrendered fully into my own calling.

His being and energy flaring strong like a Sun, indiscriminately bringing light and loving warmth to everyone around him.

and THAT touched me..

For I felt there’s nothing in existence worth sacrificing our ability to become instruments and carriers of such profound love.

I was reminded that the strongest medicine is not found in a brew but in who we are..

The greatest gift:

The quality of our heart

The greatest message:

Our life..

and our love.

THAT is real legacy..

and the only goal worth aiming for.


Understanding the “Monkey” Mind

There are 5 states of the mind, which if understood properly will help you know where you’re at and how to move past confusion, chaos, overwhelm and into focus, alignment and consciousness.

The 5 Minds:


They are not a problem. Simple minded people often have no trouble. They eat and sleep well and aren’t riddled by too much thought.. Life is basic but enjoyable.

Imagine those people you know who ‘aren’t too bright’ but aren’t perturbed by anything. Their mind is inert – meaning trouble and excess activity has not entered yet.


90% of the current population has an (over)active mind which often means it becomes scattered. There is overthinking, anxiety, confusion and a lot of activity but rarely any stillness.

People can’t sit in one place, can’t focus for too long, can’t really understand how they feel or what they want, can’t follow through with discipline and integrity.

It’s a carriage pulled by a thousand horses in different directions:

It may still get somewhere, but it’ll be an arduous ‘one step forward and two back’ kind of journey.


<9% of the world, mostly through self-development, personal practices and spiritual work, develop enough energy and commitment to pour their minds into a few things.

It goes from being all over the place to being one day this way, the next another. Highly polarized, however it’s able to remain in one thing for long enough for fruits and results to become tangible.

High performing Entrepreneurs going through waves of excess activity and hyper-productivity and then disconnection, reclusion and apathy are a good example of this group.


Very, very few people energize their mind up to this level where focus (and life itself) becomes an effortless, meditative process.

There’s no inner tug of war or constant division and jolting of the mind.

When the mind has become one-pointed it develops mastery (borderline genius). Here you will find most human accomplishments and technological advancements have come from those who were able to pour their life into their ONE thing.

Most people touch this state of focus sporadically and for brief moments at a time.


A rare happening, and often one of enlightenment, when a mind reaches its peak. It let’s go of the “one-pointed focus” to become all-inclusive and all-encompassing.

Genius arises. The flow state is birth from it.

It’s nothing and everything at the same time. It becomes the present moment itself and as such, a source of infinite wisdom and empowerment.

A conscious mind is the ultimate tool for one’s physical and spiritual development: It knows what to do, how to do it, when to do it.. and it ultimately doesn’t feel like you’re doing anything.

It’s to be in perfect sync with the rhythm of life.

So with all that being said, keep this in mind:

If your mind gets organized, your emotions will match your thoughts.

If your emotions get organized, your energies will match your emotions.

If your energies get organized, your very body will get organized.

With these four in alignment you become extremely empowered in your ability to create and manifest that which you want.

Clarity is the process of bringing our mind from being overactive/scattered into One-pointedness and eventual Consciousness.

In the yogic traditions, this process is achieved by energizing one’s system.

The more energy you have the more evolved your mind can become.

How far and fast you go depends on how much fuel you have and its quality..

the same goes for the human mind.

How much clarity and creative power you wish to wield, depend on how much energy is present in your system.

So how to energize our minds and body’s to grow past confusion/scattered/inert thinking?

There’s only TWO methods:


This means dealing with the all areas where your energy is currently leaking (some of these known to you, most are blind spots)


Increasing the amount and quality of the energy coming in.

If you take care of the holes in your bucket, and you pour more, higher quality fuel into it.. your mind gets to run:



& Faster

And I don’t know about you but I’d rather be exploring how good life can get, and the extent of my capabilities, than be riddled by an un-cooperative mind, dull body and confused heart.

Adventure calls you…

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As I get older I realize that a man is not him who is swimming in women, wealth or recognition.

For these things fade and are rarely worth anything in the stillness that comes during nights of solitude.

Lots can be accomplished in life yet none of it can be fully received, enjoyed and felt if inner peace is lacking.

In fact, a man who has yet to find himself will find ways to destruct everything he’s created under the wrong assumption that there’s something else to get externally.

He will project his inner torment outwards and run himself (his businesses, health and relationships) into a wall.

Until he stops chasing his own tail and sits down to face what lies deep in his core.

What makes a man then?

A man is him who walks with integrity.

Thought, word and deed aligned.

Needing to hide (Or prove) nothing from/to himself (and therefore the world)

Free from external narratives, cultural expectations and societal conditioning he acts in alignment with his truth.

Which is him expressing his unique flavour of Truth.

Then (and only then) everything he builds will prosper in abundance – and not a chaotic, anxious abundance that needs constant managing, forcing and imposing.

But an abundance that resembles the natural flow and blooming of all that is natural:

Strong yet gentle.

Never rushing & never stopping.

Always expanding.

a Man is him who, having owned all that he is, knows he owns the world – and therefore, takes great care of it.


Eternal gratitude to all the visible and invisible, inner and outer, light and dark forces that endlessly conspire in our favor

I am reminded that every challenge life hands us is a gift, every difficult moment an opportunity to learn and every ounce of pain an invitation to remember that- at the core of our heart- we are untouchable.

Basking in the beauty and grace that life continues pouring unto me, I asked myself “why am I sitting in ceremony if I already have it all? There’s nothing more I could get..”

I was then invited by a friend to consider that, only when you have it all, a higher question arises:

Can I give it all?

Can I go the full way, leaving no stone unturned?

Can I offer myself fully to the life that pulses through me?

Because the only way that you can amplify a life already full of blessings is by sharing them..

And the only way to have more – when you already have it all – is by learning to give it all away.

Pouring your heart without measure in everything you do

everyone you meet

the way you walk

And the way you breathe.

To become so empty of yourself (the tangled mess of thoughts and emotions you assume you are) so that what’s at the core may come up.

Here’s a toast to the journey ahead.

To a live of devotion towards that which lies in my heart.

To a higher trust and deeper understanding for this magical experience we call life.

Adventure calls you…

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A common thread that has showed up during this current Rebirth Experience is that of perfection and acceptance.

Some of our students noticed that everything is in perfect harmony in nature – and follows a very incredible design pattern (just look at plants or insects)

Yet somehow, we see ourselves (and humans in general) as inherently flawed and become disconnected from our very own natural design.

Most people are quick to recognize the perfection in nature but forget that they too are a part of nature herself.

And that perfection is the state of something ever evolving, learning and growing – for you won’t find an ultimately “complete” or perfect tree or animal… And that’s the beauty of it.

Perfectionism is therefore living under the illusion that a “final” and complete state is achievable on anything we do – yet it’s ultimately nothing but fear disguised as virtue.

The moment we welcome the moment as it is, we can both recognize the perfection of what has unfolded – and inform the direction in which we’d desire it to unfold.

Adventure calls you…

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Are you done playing little boy games?

Pretending that your life is okay and keeping the mask on through another day

Busy with work, family, friends..

Maybe alcohol, drugs, sex and video games

Not ready (willing) to face the truth.

YOUR truth.

Has it been enough yet?

Or will you wait for more chaos and pain to sip in until you do something about it?

There is a rare opportunity that will only come 1 or 2 times in your life as a man.

A moment of so much pain, confusion and waves of emotions so intense..

That you start to wonder how you got here…

And you start to listen.

You ask how, when, and WHY did you lose yourself along the road..

Often in a relationship, for heartbreak is one of the greatest catalysts.

If you are going through this, there is a small window that is being opened in front of you.

This window of pain and self-reflection bring about a quality of presence and surrender that most men never touch.

And with the right guidance and support from other Men, this window can become a door.

A door into a kingdom.

The kingdom of the NEW you.

The REAL you.

A rite of passage into the Man that you know you could be.

But a Man you will never be as long as you keep playing little boy games

Numbing out, faking it, distracting, pretending that it is okay.

Waiting until your body passes you the bill with some sort of ‘random’ illness.

NOTHING is random.

I know because I was there.

And pain does not just evaporate

And clarity does not magically come

You have to draw a line on the sand and claim it.

You have to step fully into it and say NO MORE.

You must take a leap of faith into the unknown.

YOUR unknown.

YOUR undressed darkness.

YOUR fears.

Only then, you have a real chance at bringing lasting order into the chaos that today you find yourself in.

But you don’t have to do it alone.

For fighting dragons is easier when accompanied by other Men who have defeated them before.

I’m taking a handful of great men into the mountains of Colombia.

Men who are done with incremental change, and are ready for Transformation.

Men ready for rebirth.

Men like you, ready to use this window of opportunity in their life to change it all.

We will explore -assisted by women- what it means to be a man in a sacred setting.

Then we will dive into 5 sacred ceremonies, led by shamanic warriors from the Amazon jungle, to face the ultimate challenge:

Your inner world.

And come to the other side as the Man that you are.

Are you ready?

Adventure calls you…

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So what’s REALLY in an Ayahuasca cup?

In short: Heightened Consciousness.

In long:

✅ An opportunity to face your fears so that they stop running your life

✅ A window into your past history and trauma so you can heal all that was left in chaos from your childhood

✅ An invitation to see your life play out in front of you from a 3rd person’s perspective so that you can outgrow unhealthy patterns and blind spots you’ve been stuck in

✅ A chance to connect and feel your body, mind and heart in a more profound way that you have known so far

✅ A glimpse into what “God”, Divinity, Truth and the essence of life are like

✅ An opportunity to DIE so that you can stop fearing death and start understanding its beauty and purpose in life – and how necessary it is to shake hands with it

✅ The courage needed to finally let go of all sorts of sicknesses, pathologies and heaviness you’ve been carrying

✅ The chance to understand the root cause of your physical and mental imbalances so that you can pluck it from the roots and feel what it’s like to be fully healthy

✅ A window of opportunity to ask literally anything you’d like! (somewhat akin to having spiritual google at your fingertips)

✅ An opportunity to see your life with just enough distance so that you can make sensible choices that will benefit you

✅ A true possibility of reaching closure, letting go of toxic relationships, healing from heartache, forgiving yourself and others for the things you did and didn’t do..

…and in some cases, a glimpse into future situations, people and karmas that are coming your way and advice on how to navigate them.

In essence, plant medicine is an opportunity to go deeper within your mind, heart, body and spirit so that you can -from a place of clarity- heal, grow and let go of all that is no longer serving you.

It is a solid chance (and a very powerful one at that) for a person to experience things that, in just a few nights, have the opportunity of fully re-adjusting the course of their life.

In short, a drastic redirectioning and reorientation of one’s priorities, energies and actions in life.

For reference, at our healing centre we’ve successfully treated and helped people from all walks of life heal:

🍏heroine, crack, cocaine and alcohol addicttion

🍏anxiety, depression and stress-induced illnesses


🍏sexual and emotional abuse

🍏confusion around their life path and purpose

🍏cancer and chronic ailments


🍏food and sex addictions

🍏codependency and unhealthy attachment tendencies

Among MANY MANY more…

This is why I giggle when someone -out of ignorance- says that Ayahuasca is just a drug…

Because I don’t remember the last time someone binge-drank their way into a healthier body, or smoked up themselves into a healed childhood.

Ayahuasca is an ancestral science that has been around for far longer than modern medicine has.

A tool to treat things that today’s doctors fail to even understand and comprehend, in their anxious attempts to separate mind from heart, body and soul.

I’ve seen miracles happen during ceremony that if I hadn’t been there, I would’ve never believed possible.. yet I reserve most of these stories because most people aren’t ready or open enough to consider them a possibility.

Yet the beauty of this ancestral medicine/science is that you don’t need to believe in anything, not even God or energies, in order to have a first hand experience of your inner world.

And once you do, nothing is ever the same.

So, what’s REALLY inside an ayahuasca cup?

A chance to come home to your Self.


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You ALWAYS know when enough is enough.

You ALWAYS know when you are operating at less than your full potential..

You ALWAYS know all those dreams you’ve been holding back on, out of fear..

You ALWAYS know when you are STUCK.

You know it.

So the matter is NOT clarity but courage.

Because if you know that you’re past due a radical transformation..

If you know that something fundamental has to die within you, to make room for a new phase to arise..

If you know that you’re finally done being the old you..

Then, is there a good reason to procrastinate on taking the steps necessary to take the leap?

How much longer would you like to keep yourself stuck in the same old situations?

When I speak with retreat attendees, one thing that is common is that their ‘pain’ (whether it’s emotional, physical, mental, spiritual or a mix of all) is NEVER NEW.

They don’t consider drinking plant medicine because suddenly they woke up with an itch and a mild curiosity.


Most of the time, there’s been years wasted down the drain living a small life because of meaningless fears..

Years wasted in confusion around what to do next with their dreams, their purpose and their life..

Years of suffering over the same physical, mental and financial illnesses..

Years wasted in unhealthy relationships, confused around not knowing whether to continue or to end it, unsure about how to attract a quality partner or how to draw the best qualities from their current one..

Their pain is rarely new.

And it is rarely a new thing.

Most people wait until their pain brews up, marinates and expands in the easily-ignored shadows of their unconsciousness..

That is,

Until it gets out of hand.

Until an infection spreads.

Until you cannot ignore it no more!

The sad truth is that most people wait until their arm needs amputation before they seriously consider treating the wound.

Because looking at that which hurts, paying attention to that which is not working and choosing to do something about it RIGHT NOW, demands courage.

It demands a massive amount of trust (in yourself and your method of choice)

It demands strength and determination..

Perhaps in greater quantities you’ve been comfortably accustomed to.

“Next year..”

“Another time..”

“Next round..”

“Not yet..”

These are excuses I’ve heard a thousand times, often by people whom upon reaching out a year or two later to talk about their situation, I see they are now in a deeper hole than before.

A deeper hole of their own creation..

Because life DOES NOT wait,

and pain only grows when ignored.

Like a wound that gets infected when left untreated.

The truth is that you know when enough has been enough.

And there’s no good reason to procrastinate on that which pertains to our quality of living..

Especially not under the false assumption of a guaranteed tomorrow – for you know that tomorrow is a promise, and what you do today is what counts.

For those ready to take the reigns of their mind, body, heart and spirit and embark in a courageous journey of total transformation supported by refined group coaching workshops and processes and aided by several plant medicine (aya) ceremonies..

Adventure calls you…

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Private Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Last month one of the Shamans that works with us held a private ceremony for the CEO of an International Bank.

He wanted privacy for obvious reasons.

He’s a very well known and influential man so his career (and how his peers perceive him) could be negatively impacted if they knew he had decided to drink ayahuasca.

So he did not want to risk having someone take pictures and for his participation in this healing process to go mainstream.

But also, he had the resources and realized that if he was going to drink medicine, he would feel a lot safer and more comfortable having the Shaman’s undivided attention (as well as the facilitators’ focused support).

He did not want to be worried about what could happen or whether people would judge him. He wanted to go deep and did not want to hold back – so he felt safer exploring the darkest parts of himself without any strangers around him.

Long story short, he had a profound experience of healing and coming back to himself.

What he thought life was, its meaning and his purpose were flipped upside down (in a good way)

So much that he already decided to come back with his partner and his family.

Why am I sharing this?

Two reasons:

The first reason, to shine light on the fact that the “world leaders” (although I do not like to refer to them as such) are waking up.

People of influence, bankers, politicians and entrepreneurs are all coming to the realization that deep peace, joy and a life of meaning cannot be achieved through power, money or external success.

Those things will bring you comfort – lots of it!

And freedom to buy a lot of varied experiences.

But never fulfillment.

In conversations with 7+ figure earners I have seen them bursting with anxiety and fear upon encountering a problem that won’t get solved instantly by just throwing money at it.

Wealthy men and women finally feeling and getting in touch with so much pain that was hiding deep inside.

Realizing that a big part of their life had been spent in addiction and distraction, trying to find hobbies, activities and chasing “peak high” experiences to try and numb this pain.

And I have seen them flip the switch (for the better!)

Because a person of influence and resources, once connected to his/her heart, becomes an unstoppable force of nature.

Powerful change-makers whose skills and competence start being oriented towards the greater good.

They become the people history talks about. People whose legacy goes on forever.

So as ugly and dark as the media may be painting the world to be – there’s a deep awakening happening at all levels.

There’s work to do, yes, but the path ahead is very promising ✊🏽🔥

The second reason I’m sharing this is because I’m excited to announce that we have decided to start publicly offering Tailored / Private plant medicine retreats.

So whether it is your marriage you’re seeking to heal and reignite…

Or your family you want to bring closer together...

Your employees/business partners you want to align with at a way deeper level...

Or your coaching clients you’d like to treat 🙂

I’m happy to explore with you what it is you are seeking, so we can co-create a private, tailored experience that will become the biggest gift you give to yourself (and your loved ones) this year.

The 3 Stages of Spirituality

In life most of us move across these 3 stages:⠀
✔️Seeking things of value
✔️Seeking to embody values
✔️(Read until the end 😉 )

In the first stage we chase money, looks, fame, validation and approval. 👠

People consumed by this stage are often seen worrying about what others think about them, having the latest gadgets and the most expensive sneakers, designer purses and often obsessed with rich boyfriends or extremely hot girlfriends who have little going on for them beyond their money/looks.

Heavy T.V. and media consumption are also symptoms of being entrapped by this phase.

The first stage is a quest towards love and happiness through an obsession with the external.

It is our monkey mind in full survival mode: Accrue resources and display them, be liked by the tribe and obsess by being close to the most resourceful.

We think that once we achieve X we will be happy.

And our life revolves around more achievements, fame, money, sexual partners, followers, etc.

Until we’ve had a fair share of these and realize we are just as unhappy as we were at the beginning, we will not be able to truly decide that there must be something deeper and more fulfilling to life!

It is here where we discover the second stage:

In this one we chase personal development, healing, “spiritual progress”, self-love and healthy habits. 🧘🏻‍♀️

People consumed by this stage are often seen stressing about their latest found childhood wound, obsessed with the latest plant medicine, workshop, book and guru they found.

They have turned their life into a never ending self-development project.

They often cannot wait to share with you the latest meditation, tool, recipe, yoga pose or event they attended. (and tell you all about why YOU SHOULD too!)

They have replaced the quest towards joy from the external to the internal.

Yet their quest just got refined – they’re still “seekers” – and by definition she/he who seeks has not found.

Nothing wrong with this, in fact it is a more functional and healthy stage in contrast to the first one.

Yet very often you’ll see people who after 15 years of devoting their life to different practices, are just a little bit better than when they started.

Craving deep transformation (not gradual change).

You will also meet here PLENTY of people who don’t walk their talk.

My personal pet peeve: people with lots of personal issues trying to teach others.. 😵

Lots of broke people speaking about abundance, confused ones about clarity, and the worst- people who have not mastered THIS part of life (i.e. finances, health and community) showing you how you can master OTHER planes.

Those who have never walked, teaching others how to run a marathon 🙂

Although not everyone, there are those who are serious about their path, walk their talk and are sincere in their hearts and efforts.

However, at one point these people realize that the shadow work never ends.

There will always be a deeper layer to access.

More generational (or personal) trauma to process.

That’s the beauty (and challenge) of living in an infinite universe: It will gives us endless amounts of that which we set our attention to.

Their joys are subtle and often replaced by the desire or feeling to do “more work”.

Running on a self-imposed hamster-wheel of when I transform X THEN I will be happy!

Most people never transcend this phase.

However, some people do…

And there comes the third stage: BEING valuable.

It is when we have reached the edge of our journey that we then realize that we have been walking all around seeking for money and status, or personal transformation and spiritual progress, hoping that this would bring us closer to a sense of eternal peace and fulfillment…

Only to realize that neither of these were really necessary.

They were games we invented.

Purposes we came up with to organize our life around them.

Meaning pulled out of thin air to pat ourselves in the back when we did well.

And we confused that life would work the same.

That God, The universe, The Great Consciousness would be like a high-school teacher – ongoingly keeping an eye on our grades and seeing whether we deserve a golden star and a happy face sticker.

We projected our humanity into the sacred and the divine.

And at the very same time we excluded ourselves from it.

The moment that we thought we should act in X or Y way, was the exact same moment in which we imposed conditions on ourselves.

Rules around our deep fulfillment, joy, and eternal love.

God and the universe do not discriminate.

The sun shines alike on “good” and “bad” people, lions and ants, deserts and jungles.

And so does the storm.

The third stage is where we stop seeking to become and we start being.

It is a phase where we stop being so obsessed with ourselves (either with what I have, or what I have become) and finally place our attention on our life.

The people around us, the air we breathe, the earth below us.

We are no longer seeking cars nor chants, women nor yoga poses, status nor spiritual progress.

Because we have arrived…

And realize that there was nowhere to go in the first place.

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Take a Stand!

Those who are ready to grow will undoubtedly step into greater levels of responsibility.

Whereas those who shrink are bound to relive their lessons over and over until they get it.

This will go on until they decide to expand their container – therefore becoming able to navigate life at a bigger scale.

The question is not IF life will demand more from us.

The question is WHEN.

We were recently talking with Oscar Soto and reflecting on the past few years of coaching.

We were celebrating the changes we had seen some people make.

Truly remarkable!

From being needy, insecure, intense and socially miscalibrated to finding their grounded center, forging their integrity and impacting their own communities.

We have also seen men and women take course after course and change only gradually. Battling the same demons they were having when we first met them…

Only with a different packaging 🧐

So what makes the difference?

What has a person go through a profound shift, while another barely makes anything out of it?

Even though they both go through “the same” experience…

The difference is the exact same that will have some people come out the quarantine as a totally new and upgraded version of themselves 

And some other come out as the same (Or even worse) than when this all started.

That difference is:


For one person transformation is an option.

For the committed one there’s no other option.

One is a maybe.

The other a must.

One has set direction, intention and attention to a new level of living – and will honour that no matter the cost.

The other has a desire for a type of life he/she would like – but will not honour it with aligned action.

Especially not when it’s hard.

So which one are you?

Where do you stand when it comes to your life?

Do you commit?

Or you are among the first to abandon ship when the going gets tough?⠀


In life you can have the life, relationships and inner fortitude you want.

Or you can have a bag full of stories about why you can’t, why you won’t or why not yet.

Never both.

Your actions reflect what team you’ve decided to support.

Transformation is not a process of gradual, slow, passive change.

Transformation is a declaration!

A stand!

A decision forged from the heart!

Anything else is a lukewarm attempt at life 👊🏼

If you are ready to make the biggest stand of your life, I invite you to join us at the Rebirth Retreat.

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