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I used to hide my fear of trusting and letting go of control under the façade of perfectionism.


Most of my entrepreneurial journey has been an individual one, with brief bursts of external help here and there, but I’ve mainly been a one-man army.

Taking care of all things website development, marketing, video editing, content strategizing, creation and deployment, customer service, accounting, finance management, logistics coordinator, visual media artist, public relations and branding..

And I would go through periods of intense productivity and eventual burnout.. 😅

Then I’d half heartedly hire help that wasn’t qualified, so that my belief of “If I don’t do it myself, it won’t get done well.” Would turn out a reality..

Like in a relationship, when we don’t respect and love ourselves we tend to draw in someone who won’t respect and love us, I would attract people that wouldn’t do a good job, would be irresponsible and that would reinforce my beliefs around working with others..

That was until I started organizing retreats.. suddenly I had to work with another 20 people to ensure that things would go smoothly – from ensuring a truck brings enough wood to the friends that would spend a week chopping it, to the musicians, chef, facilitators, transportation and cleanup crew..

Suddenly I had no choice but to open up and trust..

It was one night during ceremony that in the midst of difficult emotions I looked up and saw the ceiling of the temple (which is a reciprocal structure) where if only one of the supporting beams was missing, the whole thing would come down.. (swipe to see a picture of it).

In that moment I understood our shaman’s design for it: a reminder that we CANNOT do it all alone.

A reminder that alone, the weight will crush us..
But together, it is possible.

That nothing GREAT in the world was ever created by a single person unwilling to involve others..

And that my journey forward was one of leadership, inspiring others, delegating and then trusting.

So I started already by hiring a personal assistant and a travel concierge.
And what a difference it’s made!

I now see that the right people show up only when you’re willing to let them in.