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So.. what makes a person easy to be loved?


♥️ Profound appreciation paired with low expectations (yet high standards)
♥️ Unshakeable Honesty
♥️ Bigger desire to understand than to be understood
♥️ Stronger commitment to the truth than to being right
♥️ Open & Flexible mind, able to acknowledge errors and correct promptly
♥️ Self-sourced validation, joy and excitement for life
♥️ Relentless effort on Self-care & Inner growth
♥️ Deeper devotion to one’s own spiritual journey than to any relationship
♥️ Proactive, non-violent & truthful communication
♥️ Impeccable sense of personal responsibility

And here’s the caveat:
In life (and in love) you must go first.

You cannot demand from others something that you yourself aren’t willing to offer.

You also cannot control the way others are showing up, but you can refine the way you do – and through your example become a beacon of inspiration and a guiding light.

To become so easy to be loved makes you walk and bloom with a very beautiful fragrance.. 🌷

A scent and energy that draws in the right (and matching) kinds of atmospheres, people and relationships into your life.

Like the bees can’t help to be drawn to the sweetest nectar of flowers, and produce with it the sweetest honey..

People can’t help themselves from relating, lovingly, to those whose fragrance has reached a point of maturity.

Grace, prosperity, passion and adventure ensue.