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The Beauty of BEING Human


In a world where half of the people are numb to their life (and just going through the motions) and the other half are obsessed with getting to a “higher place” of spirituality (and hence bypass this physical experience)

Let me remind you of the benefits and perks that come with being alive here, right now. 😎

Having a body and being human means we get to eat stuff. And it tastes delicious. When you’re an eternal being, you can’t savour grandma’s soup.

For music to exist there must be time – without time it is only vibrations and frequencies. You couldn’t condense your favorite song into one sound. The fact that we are ageing beings also means that we get to enjoy music!

When you are one with everything, the dance is energetic, yet you can’t really shake your ass, spin around or pop your favorite salsa move without a body. Thank God we’re alive!

This is the best and worst part of this existence for some 🤣 However, in the realm beyond time and space, the realm of unity with everything, there is no “other”. No You and I. So you don’t really get to meet new people when You are all in an atom soup.

Without time, you can’t tell a story. You can’t have a beginning or end to anything. So in this earth we have books and movies! And we also have our own personal stories – of challenges, growth and resolutions. Death is what gives life its meaning!

Being one with all, you’re never born and you never die.

Without a physical body to experience it, we wouldn’t be able to watch a sunset, swim in the ocean, hear the birds sing, walk through the mountains and much more. We’re pretty lucky to be alive!

Although there’s an energetic equivalent, we wouldn’t have the yumminess of two bodies touching, feeling, breathing and sweating to the rythm of passionate uninhibited love making.

Pretty cool isn’t it!?

So before you disconnect from life, or decide that there’s somewhere else “higher” you’d like to be – let’s not forget to appreciate the beauty of where we already are 😉

Afterall, we can’t resent our way into enlightenment.

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