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This reflection destroyed the way I was starting to see/use social media..


Here’s why:

This is Sarnath 🛕 Where Gautama, the Buddha gave his first sermon to 5 people..

Imagine that..

An enlightened being and only 5 people gathered to listen.

What a humbling reminder that it’s not the size of the crowd but the depth and piercing truth of one’s message which matters..

Most of us feel somewhat inadequate if only 5 people were to like one of our posts..

Or if we only had 5 followers?

Crazy isn’t it? how entitled we’ve become to volumes of external attention and the desire for large scale validation.

Being in this sacred site I was reminded of the importance to tend to my people.

To serve you, and whoever is within arm’s reach, for this is a privilege..

To not distract or delude myself with an eager desire for touching the masses, scaling my business and expanding my message..

If it’s to happen, it will be the way Buddha did it..

Giving it his all, regardless of numbers.

Fully involved with life and service.

This is my commitment:
To honour the privilege and gift of your attention by sharing all I have, all I know and ultimately ALL I AM.