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Being “spiritual” is one of the ego’s ultimate delusions.

July 18, 2023


So if you think you are spiritual, congratulations on your self-anointed nonsense!

When I look around I see the flags of spirituality being waved and glorified in ugly, unconscious ways.

I have witnessed the rise and decay of yoga -as a practice that went from being a science of spiritual union- degrading into a commodified stretching class. Over saturated markets of meagerly prepared teachers coming and going with the seasons.

I look around and see very flexible people, rarely any yogis.

I’ve long seen the teachings of tantra being twisted into rationalized excuses for promiscuity in the name of virtue. Openness and freedom being the slogans shouted loudly by those unwilling to see their own enslavement and closure around their own sexual impulses.

I have endured the cacao, mushrooms, music and movement medicines be stripped away of all that was medicinal and turned into mere forms of refined entertainment.

Flocks of people exchanging night clubs and bottle service for the ecstatic dance floors and psychedelic doses.

Once they had a dealer, now everyone and their cousin is a shaman (or facilitator of sorts)

Today my heart weights heavy as I see the sacred being mishandled, labelled and then marketed as spiritual.

My heart hurts when I see so many people around me become self-proclaimed warriors, goddesses, mystics, witches, ascended this and sacred that..

It hurts because in the search for the light we’ve become blind.

Wanting to grow high and strong, to bear sweet fruits and vibrant flowers without deepening our roots and dealing with our shit first!

I have seen the ideas of spirituality become the sticks used to draw a deeper line of division, the very same division we intended to integrate, heal and nurture into love at the beginning of our journeys.

And my heart aches because this post is one more expression of that: Separation, judgement, division, frustration and grief all in one.

Yet who am I to judge another when the path is so big it’d be impossible to fall off it?

Today I’m reminded that I’ve still got a lot of work to do, for I do not know how to accept and love toe world fully yet..

but I would like to.