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A Poem on Being Present


Those born amidst
The drums of war
Know nothing about
The peace of silence.

Every song and sound
Feels like a call
Towards battle.

Those addicted
To their struggles
Known nothing about
The power of effortless.

Every task and job
Feels like a weight
Carried uphill.

Every bit of work
Like a torture drill.

It is only when we have become
Attached to our stories and cycles
Of tension and release
Problems and solutions
Challenges and resolutions
That we forget that
These are the narratives we chose

Narratives of stories that
we write about
In books where we are
Protagonists and authors.

Always a single choice away
From switching the theme
And creating a brand new experience
For everyone involved.

So why not turn the page?
Dip the pen
And trace with ink
Words and tales
Of new and radical views,
Inspired effort,
Peaceful progress,
And divine clues.

Why not write a fresh story
Free of struggle,
Suffering and

Free of anxiety, depression
And madness?

So Close the chapter
Turn the page
And never forget
That there was never
A single cage.

Breathe in deep
And let the past go
Embrace this present
And let it flow.