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Failure to understand and embrace this aspect leads to a life on anxiety, meaninglessness and suffering.

The first two aspects (Kali & Lakshmi) refer to both the creative and sustaining energies of life.

If Kali is the fire, Lakshmi is the constant adding of logs and tending to it.

One is the raw energy of creation and the other one is the caring of it.

Most human beings live between these two, they are the states of survival and thriving (or aching to)

Sexuality, power and wealth are all most aspire to, however there’s a third energy.

Saraswati refers to the aspect of transcendence.

Touching grace..

Reaching towards something higher.

She’s the goddess of art, music and spirituality.

She’s the energy that pulls us upward and out of the basic cycles of life.

When we are disconnected from her, life feels like a struggle..

Something to endlessly tend to..

Never ending desires to chase, the birth of new desires, the pain of unfulfillment if they’re not achieved..

And the greater pain of emptiness when they are.

Disconnection from this energy leads to addiction, for every addiction is nothing but the pursuit of a higher state.

However, no amount of sex, pleasure, money, power, fame or even health and friendship will every satisfy our soul.

There’s something within us that longs for that which isn’t limited.

Something that doesn’t want “more” or “better”

It wants it ALL.

It wants to experience its own, true, limitless nature.

In relationships, disconnection from it shows up as emptiness, boredom and struggle.

The absence of a spiritual path will slowly consume any relationship.

Only two people whose love is not predicated on pleasure or survival, can withstand the tests of life.

A man or woman disconnected from Saraswati gets entangled in the day to day busyness of life..

She’s the touch of the divine..
The taste of something sublime.

She’s the heartbreaking beauty of a sunset,
the smile of a child,
the song of a bird.

She’s that which comes to show us that we’re not mere humans..

That were eternal souls.

And that our love can become more than the mere exchange of pleasure and quest towards comfort..

That our love can become a vehicle towards ultimate liberation.

When this energy is cultivated in a relationship, you are no longer another human’s lover.

You see your beloved as an extension of the divine.

And as such you become devoted.

A reverence where you would do whatever it takes,
to truly honour and raise one another.

Only when we’ve touched this place, our love spreads beyond the boundaries of the couple and it becomes contagious..

A love story that inspires the world 

And reminds us that beauty is possible

That there’s more to life,

and that God exists.

May we embrace our desires and creative force,
may be sustain our life in prosperity and trust,
and find a love whose fire destroys the smallness or who we are..

So that we may be born anew

And become the greatest expressions of the life we are.

This is what’s possible when two humans commit to each other and decide that they won’t leave any stone unturned..

That they will treat their love as sacred,

and as an extension 

all of life.

This is my prayer, that as we heal our masculine and feminine, we heal our relationships..

So that our children may light up when they hear the word “family”

Sp that we may cry more tears or beauty, than of pain, through this complex experience we call love.