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July 31, 2023


☀️You cannot trust men.

☀️There aren’t good men out there.

Phrases like these keep you in a perpetual loop of victimhood, scarcity and rejection of the masculine.

When I hear a woman say these words, all I hear is “a man hurt me and I have not yet healed from it.”

Because the masculine, at large, is consciousness itself.

The masculine -the SACRED masculine- is father sun, it’s the laws of nature that keep things in order, it’s the beauty of time allowing you to digest the experience of life one drop at a time.

The sacred masculine is the sunlight that penetrates the earth and births life.

HE is your real father, your dad only facilitated some sperm.

Just like the earth is your real mother, your mom only facilitated an egg and a body.

So never cast yourself out of receiving the benevolence of the masculine or the feminine because a man or a woman acted in unconscious ways.

In fact, the sooner you can separate your parents and your past partners from your understanding (and openness) around the essential masculine and feminine energies, the faster you will allow them to fill your cup..

Men may have hurt you but the sun has never stopped shining his light on you for a single day. (unless you live in Canada, that is 😂)

So do not ever again allow the actions of a fragile, unconscious, juvenile attempt-of-a-man dictate the way you open yourself up to The Masculine itself.

Let him in.

Let life in.