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A mother is a portal of life, for souls to move between this world and the other

October 12, 2023


She is a bridge between divine love and earthly compassion.

A mother is God’s first blessing..

Her hugs and care our first taste of Grace.

A man plants the seed, yet a seed is worthless without fertile soil for it to grow.

Motherhood is therefore a rite of passage..

One where a woman learns what it’s like to be God and conjure magic..

One where she becomes the vessel of miracles made manifest.

The embodiment of spirit, only ever possible because a woman had the courage to say YES to life..

And more often than not,

Welcome a new life and hold it as more important than her.

Thank you to ALL mothers, for being God’s reminders that devotion is also available to us humans..

Thank you for being Goddesses,

For all your untold sacrifices,

silent griefs,

and infinite heart.

A man could only wonder,

of the beauties, mysteries,

trials and tribulations,

that a Mother goes through..

Thank you to all the women who -in spite of being utterly misunderstood- keep on nourishing the world.

With life and with love.


I love you.