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To neglect, judge and demonize evil

May 20, 2020


Is to feed it.

To make it larger.

To fuel it with fear

And render ourselves fearful

And powerless

At the same time.

Opposite to what most think

To fight “evil” and the worst of humanity

We must actually run towards it!

Embrace it.

Accept it.

Face it.

Find those parts of us that are unjust







And to own them.

To own our darkness

Is the only long term

And sustainable way

To keep it in check.

It is those who most reject violence

The ones that fear it most

And the ones closer to blind rage

Given the opportunity.

However, it is the man

Who has been to war

The one who craves peace the most.

And the one willing to defend it

At all costs.

It is time that we stop living in fear

Hoping that by closing our eyes

and covering with blankets

The monster under the bed

Will disappear.

Because it will not.

It will grow bigger with our every breath, and we will grow more scared with every second

It is only when we’re willing

to look under the bed

And shine light in there

That we will realize

That the worst monsters

live only in our heads.

And everything we own

We control.

So by disowning our darkness

We give it freedom to roam free

And we succumb

At the mercy of it.

So wake up warrior!

Open your eyes.

Check under your bed.

Check within your head.

Follow the noise

Into the dark night.

And never


Be afraid of the fight.

For peace is laid on a foundation

Of strength

And terror on one

Of weak men.