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March 10th – May 26th



You are in a committed relationship that has started to turn sour, with arguments escalating and becoming a big, confusing mess where you don’t feel seen or even acknowledged. 

You constantly feel invalidated for wanting what you want and having high standards for your relationship.

You have started to contemplate breaking apart the relationship due to the stress & seemingly unresolvable conflicts. You crave clarity.



Saturday: 9:43 PM

Imagine this:

You are in the middle of a heated discussion.

Perhaps you asked him to do something around the house and he “forgot”…

Or he crossed a line and you called him out on it..

You disagreed on your plans moving forward and all hell broke loose..

The more you try and share with him how you feel hurt by what happened, the more he closes off.

He gives you advice..

Tells you that you are being dramatic..

That you are TOO MUCH!

Maybe he tries to fix your emotions and lecture you on being spiritual (or some idea he recently heard on a podcast.)

Or worse:
He interrupts you, defends himself, explains why you shouldn’t feel the way you do and then makes it all about him and how YOU having standards/calling him out hurt HIS feelings.

You cannot get through to him.

Perhaps you no longer care to..

“Maybe that’s just who he is..”
“Maybe I’m stuck with an immature man..”
“Maybe he just doesn’t care..”

“Maybe there’s something wrong with me..”

By the time a relationship has reached this point, most women have gained a few extra pounds (that serve as an emotional protection cushion), do not feel sexy or worthy of being loved well and have lowered their standards to accommodate something they resent daily..

And if they run a business, they find themselves edging burnout and leaving money on the table because of heavy emotions and “Bad days”.

But it is NEVER just a “bad day”.

When it comes to unhealthy patterns during conflict a bad day quickly becomes a bad week, a bad month and next thing you know, you’ve aged, lost money, messed up your health and betrayed yourself for glimpses of what used to feel like “love.”

sucks the life out of a woman more than an unhappy and frustrating relationship.

I grew up seeing my mother’s radiance and feminine elegance wilt through the troubles of her relationship -and eventual divorce- with my dad.

It almost killed her.

Years later she confessed wanting to commit suicide because of how much she’d lost herself and sacrificed along the way.

She had gone from being a wealthy business woman to bankruptcy in less than 5 years..

Having to ask her family for money for groceries and basic needs.

She gained lots of weight and developed severe Fibromyalgia among other chronic diseases..

She became sarcastic, complaining, guilt-inducing and eventually alienated all her friends and close ones.

You get the picture.

But it does not end there.

Fast-forward to today she’s had a Novel-worthy comeback where she got in the best shape of her life (lost 40+ pounds), started working on something she loved, healed her Fibro and a brain tumour, forgave my dad and repaired their friendship among many other wins..) 

She had very good reasons to play victim and blame my dad for how ugly it all got.

And she did for close to a decade..

When I asked her about it, these were her words

“If I knew what I know now, I could’ve saved my marriage..”

She proceeded to share all the specific ways in which she treated my dad that brought out the worst from him.

She confessed she had let herself go and prioritized him, his needs and the family’s – and in her attempt to not lose her relationship, she had lost herself…

And eventually “lost it all” anyway..

The “AHA!” moment came when I connected the dots to my last decade of working with men and coaching them on dating and relationships.

Hundreds of men who’d come to me to try and figure out their relationship (or find graceful ways to exit it) had the exact same complaints my mom shared that my dad had expressed towards her.

They felt frustrated by the same specific words, tones, actions and subtle communication dynamics. 

The divorced men I helped to get back in the dating game all shared a similar story of why their marriage ended- which matched my mother’s findings.

Of course, we all play a role in how our love life goes and no man is a saint, but..

What if there were things a woman could do to bring out the most devoted, inspired and masculine expression from her Man?



Imagine knowing exactly how men think..

..and the exact type of communication and that would inspire him to be THE BEST MAN he can be..

Imagine coming to your partner with something that he’s done (or forgotten to do.) and upon sharing it with him he listens with curiosity and says “Wow, I’m sorry.” from his heart.

No excuses. No explanations. No defensiveness.

No avoidance.

Imagine every one of your emotions being welcomed and held as sacred, feeling safe to be truthful with him without fear of his closure or abandonment..

Imagine your arguments no longer lasting a few days and instead being resolved within 20 minutes, without heavy emotions and bringing you two closer together.

Imagine the juicy sex life that would be possible once you feel FREE with him, knowing your heart is safe and free of resentments that drain your vital energy..

What if your relationship transformed from being a place of stress and frustration and instead, it became a nourishing sanctuary of peace, passion and multiplied prosperity?

So much that your friends and family start coming to you for relationship advice and cheekily ask you “What’s your secret?” as they wonder why you and him seem to live in a never-ending honeymoon state.

Now, let’s get it straight:

I’m NOT a woman..

I will never be one.

But I’ve been a boyfriend to many and I’m now a husband.

I’ve been the selfish, entitled, lazy partner..

I’ve been the one who cheats and mistreats..

I’ve lost relationships to workaholism and addiction..

I’ve broken the heart of beautiful women..

I’ve been the dismissive, emotionally-closed, volatile, guarded and confused guy..

I’ve played coach, therapist and fixer (without success) to many women..

And eventually ran away from commitment, standards, boundaries and the calling for higher-quality relationships..

I am the asshole in most of my ex’s stories.. 
Yet the King in my wife’s.

And as much as I’d looove to take full credit for my transformation and blame it on thousands of hours in meditation, 100’s of Ayahuasca ceremonies and dozens of workshops, the truth is that she played an ESSENTIAL role in bringing the very best out of me. 

And to this day, she still does.

The way she sees me makes me wake up every day wondering how I can be a better husband, lover and friend. 


The Language of Men

During these 11 weeks I will share with you the understandings and practices you need in order to repair and reignite your relationship without losing your feminine heart in the process.

I’ve condensed over a decade of experience leading Men’s groups around the world into 11 Fun & Practical Live Trainings that are guaranteed to radically transform how you show up in your relationship and as a result, how your partner does..

And if you go through it and don’t feel it was worth it, you get 100% of your money back.

UPSIDE: It goes VERY well, you avoid a painful and expensive divorce, save on future health and therapy bills, start having the best sex of your life, lose 10+ pounds and feel the sexiest and most adored you’ve ever felt -and your girlfriends and coworkers notice- raising the standards for your children (or future ones) of what it truly means to LOVE & BE LOVED. 

DOWNSIDE: You spend <15 hours, make a few friends, see little to no improvements, learn a ton about men and get your money back anyways.

There’s 0% risk, but only one option has the potential of getting you what you desire. It’s time to change things up.


Sample Curriculum (First 6 weeks)

  • March 17

    Week 1

    Core6: First foundational practice. Background, Uses and Homework. 

    The Man & the Beast: Understanding Men,what works what what definitely does not. (Practical guidance on the most common mistakes you can clean up right away.)

    The Wordsmith Muse: Learn the mistakes most women make in how they relate to their partner that have them close off and the exact words you can use instead to inspire his highest expression.

    (11am – 12pm EST)
  • March 24

    Week 2

    11toElevate: 11 Minutes Practice at the foundation of The Language of Men. This protocol and its applications will ensure you feel more energy, awareness, compassion, feminine flow and blissful balance in your life.

    Conflict101: What you wish your parents taught you (or modelled for you) about having arguments that unite.

    (11am – 12pm EST)
  • March 31st

    Week 3

    Volatility & Vulnerability: Masterclass on turning Chaos into Beauty and learning the exact method and simple ‘templates’ of communication for you to share your emotions in a way that ensures the opening of your lover’s heart and his desire to care, protect and lead better.

    Live Workshop Practice & Hottest Feedback

    (11am – 12pm EST)
  • April 7th

    Week 4

    Leading from your feminine heart: Live Training on  how to evoke the best version of your partner, without mothering or becoming the complaining mother/coach.

    We will explore how a woman can inspire for her man to take action without her feeling like she has to run after him all the time.

    The Art of Requests: Easy, pain-free formula to ask for what you want, without feeling like you’re asking for too much (or being seen as needy, demanding or entitled.)

    (11am – 12pm EST)
  • April 14th

    Week 5

    Reclaiming the woman within: Deep-dive into self-abandonment, self-worth, fear, anxiety, grief and worry.

    Understanding and healing the shadows that keep you addicted to the breadcrumbs your man gives you and blocking the love that is possible between you two.

    (11am – 12pm EST)
  • Sundays 11am EST

    Weeks 6 – 11

    We keep these private not to spoil the details of the different fun challenges and practices we will be introducing.

    This course integrates everything I’ve learned about creating community, fast-tracking results and becoming a beacon of light and positive influence for those around us.

    Looking forward to having you join us! 

    Receive $14,013+ Worth of BONUSES upon signing up!

    • BONUS 1

      How to complete this program with little or no discipline?

      Enjoy our Private Concierge service. A dedicated member of our team will act as your daily accountability coach and friend to ensure you don’t fall behind.

      $3500 Value
    • BONUS 2

      How to reignite the spark of intimacy and sexual connection even if you haven’t touched your partner in years?

      Explore the Rituals of Depth bonus course. This 15-days self-guided couple’s journey is guaranteed to bring depth, connection and eroticism back into your life.

      $997 Value
    • BONUS 3

      How to transform my relationship if my partner and I are always busy?

      Enjoy our signature 22-dates-under-22-minutes cheat-sheet designed for busy mothers and business women who don’t want to take 3 months off to Bali to rekindle their relationship. 

      These practical Date ideas are golden nuggets of intimacy for busy couples.

      $222 Value
    • BONUS 4

      How do I soothe the fearful, anxious part of me that feels there’s no hope or point in trying to making things work?

      The Heart Temple meditation is a 23 minutes curated journey by Nico Canon aimed to help you embrace the parts of you that are frozen in fear.

      $297 Value
    • BONUS 5

      How do I communicate with my partner in a way that he understands where I’m coming from and does something about it?

      You’ll receive access to The Art of Intimacy & The Power of Vulnerability 3-day virtual trainings recordings where you will be guided, step by step, through Conscious Communication Protocols and Practices. 

      $2997 Value
    • BONUS 6

      How do I best understand the masculine & feminine dynamics, as well as the role of insecurity, trauma, parents and even spiritual contracts in my relationship?

      Access to The Sacred Relationships Mastermind recordings will be gifted to you. Enjoy 80+ hours of Nico’s latest relationship insights in the form of trainings, online workshops, recorded mentoring calls and more!

      (Mastermind Tuition in 2023 was $6-12k, however you will receive access to the content for a fraction of the price.)

      $6000 Value

    100% Money Back Guarantee

    If you don’t feel that your relationship drastically improved after going through this 11-week container I will refund 100% of your payment.

    And throw in a 60 min 1-1 coaching session to make it up to you ($797 value)


    What people say about this type of work:

    • My partner and I (10 years relationship) were almost on the break but this program helped us so much to learn about ourselves and gave us the clarity we needed.  I totally recommend this program – Estella Havisham

      My partner and I (10 years relationship) were almost on the break but this program helped us so much to learn about ourselves and gave us the clarity we needed. 

      I totally recommend this program.

      Estella Havisham

      – Estella Havisham
      • Nico’s guidance has given me the profound reflections that have inspired me to dig deeper into my fear of commitment and the blockages I was unconsciously carrying. I am now operating from a more loving and authentic place which allowed me to embark in a new romantic relationship after 4 years of being afraid of being in one. – Veronica CG

        Nico’s guidance has given me the profound reflections that have inspired me to dig deeper into my fear of commitment and the blockages I was unconsciously carrying.

        I am now operating from a more loving and authentic place which allowed me to embark in a new romantic relationship after 4 years of being afraid of being in one.

        – Veronica CG
        – Veronica CG
        Sunday, March 11th – Sunday, May 26th

        The Language of Men

        A 11- weeks journey towards becoming the woman your man will adore. 


        Who is Nicolas Canon?

        Nicolas Canon is an International Best-selling Author, Relationship Expert & Public Speaker. 

        Nico’s work threads together the research-backed understandings of modern coaching with the ancestral wisdom of earth medicines and indigenous elders as well as the eastern traditions of Tantra yoga and meditation, creating a unique cocktail that honours the mind, the heart, the body and spirit.  

        Since 2004 Nicolas has been studying next to various world-class coaches, spiritual teachers, South American shamans and Hindu mystics. His mission is to reclaim the sanctity of Family by supporting individuals and couples committed to the fullest blooming of their spiritual potential without bypassing nor abandoning their humanity.

        Nicolas’ vision is to support the marriage of humanity and divinity in practical ways leveraging relationships as the most sacred vehicle of spiritual growth.

          Frequently asked questions

          How much time will this take? I’m a busy woman with lots on my plate

          The program is designed to be surgically precise in its teachings, practices and homework.

          I’m a no-fluff, no-filler kind of man.

          If you can invest 11 minutes in the daily practice plus 1 hour per week in the masterclasses I guarantee you will see results. 

          I am single, can I participate?

          Although you could get a lot of useful insights and information out of this course, I’m not in the business of selling information. My promise is transformation. And since this course is meant to transform relationships and marriages, I recommend you stay tuned for the “singles” version of The Language of Men in the future.

          If I miss a lesson, will there be recordings?


          We will make the recordings available right after our call for you to watch at your own convenience.

          Can I join with my partner?


          This is a program only for women.

          If He (by his own desire and effort) wants to be supported in parallel to you, please ask him to message/email me directly for private / small-group coaching.

          My schedule does not align with some of the workshop times, can I still participate?

          Yes, there will be call recordings made available right after each session for those who cannot make one or more of them Live.

          We will create a bullet-point, actionable cheat-sheet after each session so you never fall behind, even if you’re tight on time.

          I cannot afford it, will there be scholarships?

          Not at this time.

          In order to remain in integrity with everyone who has paid full-price, and to keep a quality group of people in the container, I will not be offering scholarships.

          However, there are flexible payment plants.
          Inquire during your call.

          Is this a polarity program?

          Although we will lightly touch on a few essential Masculine/Feminine understandings we will not be teaching polarity practices.

          There is nothing like this anywhere online. 

          I’m afraid I may take this program and nothing will change..

          It makes sense. 

          There’s a lot of courses out there that promise magical results and fail to deliver. I’ve been there.

          This course comes with a 300% guarantee.

          What I teach here works 100% of the time,

          for 100% of the people,

          who apply the teachings 100%.

          Now, If you are worried about your ability to commit and stay on track (which I get, being a busy woman in today’s world is a full-plate of urgent responsibilities..) Know that you will have a private concierge that will check in with you and support you with accountability.

          On top of this, you’ll get everything you need in under 2 hours of work per week. The course is set to be highly practical and narrowed down to only the essential, high-leverage, fast-results kind of practices.

          You have my word.