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You Don’t Have to be a “GOOD” Person


Fuck being a good person next year!

In fact, it is your self-anointed “good person” label⠀which makes you the most awful person.

You think it makes you feel that you are so good!

Good about what?

In contrast to whom?

Unlike whom?

The bad people?

“those” bad people?


The only thing you’re damn good at is being full of judgement towards others.

Only good in your ability to feel superior to the rest in some imaginary way.

Only good to be a slave of the labels you created for yourself!

The worst evil in the world was done by people who were convinced they were doing the ultimate good!

The “divine” good.

The “greater” good.

Think about that one.

“Good” keeps you prisoner.

“Good” keeps you asleep.

“Good” is good for the well behaved puppies and puppets.

“Good” makes you fearful of your darkness. It detaches you from your ability to get in touch with the full force of YOU.

“Good” makes you easily manipulated!

Good boy/girl⠀is what you have become because you are too afraid to be REAL.

Too afraid to be TRUTHFUL

“Good” is a relative judgement on a changing society, it is imaginary! Nonexistent!

Good is pleasing mommy and daddy and seeking the approval of others, chasing the validation of most!

And demanding that the world fits your “goodie-two-shoes” box… Because they’d be damned if they don’t!

How awful are those who don’t fit your mold of “Good”.. THEY need changing :)


Fuck that!

When you’re trying to be a good person you’re playing someone else’s game – almost always at the expense of yourself!

The moment you give up your attachment to being seen as good, you start being real.

You speak your truth.

You draw boundaries.

You do what makes sense to yourself.

And you don’t do what doesn’t.

Only when you’re in integrity with yourself, you are of any positive use to the world.

Revolutions that led to evolution were never brought about by good men.

GREAT men, yeah!

But not “good” men – not by most people’s standards at their time.

So this 2020 do not aim to be good.

Aim for realness.




And then, you’ll be great!

PS: If you are ready to STOP people pleasing and claim your own truth, this may be for you.


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