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Why Does Pain Exist?


We are raised to follow the light and fight the dark, and this is a problem! 🔥
For life is not 24hrs of sunshine and rainbows.

And neither all darkness and mystery.

Mother nature is not only warm ocean breezes and cuddly puppies.

It is the storm, the hurricane and the plague.

And this is perfect.

Some of us learn to evolve through inspiration.

We listen to the whispers of the wind and the singing of the birds and we find our direction.

Some of us learn to evolve through desperation.

When the pull of the light doesn’t move us, the push of the darkness intercedes:






But what would it be of our life without these?

I have yet to meet a person who has come to a place of peace and power within, who did not get there after the darkest of times.

In fact, we are who we are not in spite of the pain we’ve endured but because of it.

I wouldn’t change a bit of the pain I’ve lived through.

I’m eternally grateful to the negative situations and the contrast the darkness gave me.

I also wouldn’t wish it on anybody.

Expansion and evolution are the flow of life.

Will be surf the wave by following our inner pulls?

Or wait until everything outside of us is on fire to wake up?

Every road leads to the same place.

But some roads are full of beautiful gardens.

And some others of mud and swamps.

The choice is ours ✊🏽

But know that whether inspiration or desperation, light or darkness, beauty or misery, they’re all here to help you.

They’re here to take a stand for the person you know you are but are holding back on.

Welcome it all.

Embrace it.

And then let it go, for the source of light and darkness is the void.

The center.

The place of balance.



Alignment, from within and not with the extremes. +/-


Where do you stand?