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Very few know the tears, the sweat, the blood and above all, the patience and persistency you’ve had to face – against all odds- to be where you are.

August 28, 2023


I want to acknowledge you, fellow entrepreneur, leader and change-maker for the -often unacknowledged- sacrifices you’ve consciously embraced for the greater good.

People believe that to be independent means you let go of the 9 to 5.

Very few know is that it often becomes 5 to 9 and more..

(at least while systems, delegation and leadership reaches a stable place).

They imagine it must be great not to have a boss..

They don’t know you know have hundreds or thousands – since every client is now your boss in a certain way.

Let’s not even talk about all the free time you have right?


Those playing the game of life at a high level rarely have a lot of “FREE” time – for it is consumed by meaningful action, connection, implementation and reflections on expansion.

Not a lot of free (idle) time,

But certainly a lot of FREEDOM in their time.

You choose what you do with your days, and you love what you do so you choose to do that fervently and consistently.

I honour all of you that have literally poured your life, expertise and talents into the highest service you have found.

You have made a sacrifice (sacred offering) of your limited time and energy in order to contribute to the world’s well-being.

A sacrifice that demands you lead with an open heart, for it is your compassion that informs your vision and your attuned emotion that has fuelled your purpose.

Yet such openness sometimes hurts,

as it’s to expect from those who REALLY care.

REALLY care as in, not hesitating for a split second to roll up their sleeves and put in their time, energy and money into their form of caring (for a cause, a group or a person).

Not merely sharing stuff on social media, complaining and nagging about “the government” not sorting out some problem..

You really care.

And your actions reflect that.

So today, I honour you!

Brother, sister, partner:

Tomorrow’s providence, peace and harmony is being built upon the shoulders of giants.

Thank you for shouldering such responsibility..

And above all,

Thank you for doing it with a smile.

Grounded Grace is what you are.