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Overlooking the Andean mountains I had waves of nostalgia and grief wash over me..

October 30, 2023


The pain of a life-long rejection of my roots, sequels of the systematic cultural erosion that started during the colonization and has been perpetuated ever since.

Being raised to look down at andean traditions, ethnic folk music (mocking it as cheesy) and judge -without a second thought- artisanal crafts as ‘second-class’ and of lower quality..

(Those NIKE guys for sure had it figured out! 🙄)

An inherited series of judgements towards indigenous culture and traditions, seeing them as simplistic, archaic and outdated..

I was raised to glorify the modern world, not knowing of its deeply rooted sickness.

To see North America & Europe as “THE civilized world” and my own culture and heritage as the 3rd world: a lesser land of lesser people..

Forgetting that the wealth of such nations was built on stolen resources from ours..

But beyond that, nations that made an altar of the individual:

Worshipping wealth, independence and power.

Sacrificing family, community and connection.
(and often nature too)

I cried as I allowed myself to reclaim the love and wisdom of the blood that runs through my veins, the rich ancestry and vast spiritual knowledge of our elder..

And above all, to reclaim the gratitude for the earth that gave me birth, my roots and my family.

The modern world is sick and it shows.

The time has come for us to bring back all of the tools, sacred plants, practices and teachings that our ancestors left..

So that we may heal ourselves..
And from that place, the whole.

I shed tears as I said bye to the parts of me that had glorified a society based on vanity, superficial connection and distraction.

I opened my arms and embraced with all of my heart the living tradition and energies that run through these mountains..

And I asked for nature to keep molding me so that I may one day become a clear vessel of its medicines.

So that my life may be one of service to The Great Spirit.

So that those I meet may remember their true beauty and the sanctity of family.

I prayed for my roots to heal so that I may bear sweet fruits
& my prayers have been answered.