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August 25, 2023


Seeing a lot of posts today about “Lion’s Gate” and “Manifestation Portals” I feel the need to remind you that nothing in the universe moves unless you do. 🪐

And the quicker that something moves from your vision board and into your journal..

From your journal to set dates in your calendar..

and from your calendar into daily (completed) to-do lists..

..The quicker the universe will deliver that which you’re craving 😉

Make all the vision boards, burn sage, tell yourself one-liners by the mirror, light all the candles and do all the rituals you want..

But how about -for a change- you dust off your planner and take an honest look at your goals and your calendar?

What if -in your quest to experience yourself as the creator of your reality- you started by..

you know..

actually taking proactive and effective action to CREATE IT ?

Crazy right?


Not to dismiss the energies that are certainly at play today, however (for most) it isn’t a new collection of crystals and mantras what is keeping them from manifesting the health, wealth and love they ache for.

It’s a lack of honesty with themselves.

It’s the lack of commitment (saying they want something yet putting their time, money and attention elsewhere.)

It’s the lack of facing their paralyzing fears (not in a journal or drum circle but in reality.)

It’s their tendency to betray themselves in the small things…


So, what if your manifestation ritual was deciding to actually write down and complete your to-do lists?

I’m certain you’d see a lot more happen in a month than what some pseudo-spiritual teachings would have you accomplish in a few years.

Give it a shot and see what happens.

Thank me later.


PS: here’s a picture of me enjoying a cacao and coconut icecream I manifested recently by making a decision, getting off my couch and investing some money.

🍦10/10 would recommend