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Failure to understand this dimension of the feminine will lead you to trouble in your relationships.. ❤️‍🔥🔥

Especially if you are someone who considers herself feminine or someone who would love to be in relationship with someone whose predominant energy is feminine.

Let’s begin with some context:

These 3 aspects, according to the Hindu traditions, are referred to as Durga, Lakshmi & Saraswati.

These are metaphors for the 3 dimensions of energy (inertia, activity and transcendence) or Tamas, Rajas and Sattva in yogic terminology

Today let’s focus on Durga / Kali, as these past 3 days have been dedicated to her in the Navratri festival. (Worship of the feminine for 9 das)

The aspect of Durga is fierce.


It represents mother earth, the womb from where it all comes.

The savage fires of creation.

Durga is a powerful goddess who represents courage, strength, and protection. She embodies feminine empowerment.

Imagine the extremes a mother would go to in order to defend her children..

This raw force is latent in every woman. (also in every man, to a lesser degree if his masculine is predominant.)

This is the aspect of the feminine that takes no sh!t from anybody, especially her man..🥵

In its shadow form it looks like craziness, toxicity, volatility, bad temper and chaos..

But when embraced consciously it is power, truth, protective fire and magic.

Vibrant health & strength are attributed to her.

Women, if you consider yourself weak (in body or mind) it is a sign you are suppressing the wild power latent in you.

You have disowned your anger, and perhaps your desire.

Therefore blocking the flow of life energy through your system.

Men, this is the part of your partner that births life – but is also ready to take it if needed.

In moments of intense emotion, know that your woman is in touch with a wild, primal force of the universe..

Literal fire flowing through her veins..

Use this as a gift to sharpens your consciousness as a man..

Otherwise it will become a curse that fills you with fear, judgement and consumes you in it.