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Coronavirus – A Magnifying Glass


The virus is only bringing up more of what’s already there 🔥

The fearful now have a great excuse to panic.

The vulnerable are seeing their health complications magnified.🤒

The careless have a great opportunity to show how little they care.

The anxious have a solid trigger to fuel their worry.

The conspiracy theories ones have great content for their stories 👽

The caring ones have a great outlet to care!

The leaders have a great opportunity to lead.

Those bored with their life (and usually distracted with work and socializing) are now noticing how uneasy and uncomfortable they actually feel. 🤔

Those at peace… Are still at peace. 🙃

My point is that this situation is not forcing anyone to do anything that they wouldn’t have normally done.

Greedy employers were quick to fire people.👺

Caring ones were proactive about finding reasonable solutions. (And yes, this may also have included suspending jobs)

Yet the underlying greed and care were already present.

It is in moments of tension that our truth comes forth.

What is coming up for you?

In your personal life?

In your relationships?

In your finances?

This is not the time to bullshit yourself – or anyone else.

Never in our life have we had the chance to see ourselves and others with such a magnifying glass while simultaneously having the time in solitude and isolation to process that which we have seen.

The veil is thin ✨

Use it to your advantage.

Sort yourself out.

Sort your life out.

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