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🦉In the west Owls are seen as powerful “spirit animals”, in India they’re considered stupid.

November 27, 2023


In fact, did you know they’re the 3rd 🥉 stupidest bird?

some have fish-like short term memory to the point they’ll often forget mid-flight where they were going & what they were doing and will crash into trees..

I love owls, don’t get me wrong..

But I deeply feel that we’ve got spirituality all mixed up in the west.

It’s too much show and too little substance.

Most of the so-called spiritual folk I’ve met I wouldn’t trust with anything.

Their word shifts as fast as their wardrobe in a music festival.

“My intuition told me that..”
“I felt into it and..”
“I meditated on it…”

These can often be translated into:

“I have no plan on following through on my commitments, nor respect for our agreements, nor concern for anything or anyone outside of myself and the whim of my emotions, desires and circumstances.”

Zero integrity..

and it sickens me. 🤢

It sickens me because I’ve run into a handful of genuinely realized beings in my life..

People who didn’t speak much of spirit animals, altered states of consciousness or magical woo-woo stuff..

And instead they did what they said they would, when they said they would do it.

Deeply embodied, present and involved.

Great parents, wives, husbands and agents of leadership and change in their community..

Silent sages..

Sometimes active ones, yet backed by experience & grit.

Grounded in the present yet anchored in something greater.

To me, that is a true marker of spiritual growth..

😅 Perhaps this is why I get along better with most entrepreneurs than I do with “spiritual”people..

Because only when someone’s got their roots firmly planted on the earth, reaching out to the sky is a real possibility..

Only when a certain mastery over the physical has come, it makes sense to explore the spiritual.

Before that we’re nothing but ‘owls’..

Glorified yet incompetent.

Magical yet disembodied.

Enamoured with every shiny thing but the Here and Now.

Integrity is medicine.

Moving your body is medicine.

Serving your community is medicine.

Being a full-fledged human:
The greatest medicine 👊🏽🔥