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**When I look around the world, I see a lot of men in pain.**

June 28, 2023


A lot of pain endlessly pushing forward trying to accomplish what they think will make them happy and fulfilled.

I see a world wide rat-race

But hey! even if you win that race, you’re still a rat 🙂

This is because men have been taught to plow their way through obstacles.

To plow their way **through their emotions.**

To aim for a target and hit it – no matter the challenges.

And this can be a virtue in some situations, but it often becomes a handicap.

Because the problem with men is **NOT** that they are not enough, or that they need to be and achieve more.

**The problem is that you have stopped being yourself.**

You may not even know who you are or what you want.

Because you learned a lot of unsustainable ways of coping and surviving.

You have been gathering layer upon layer upon layer through life…

And now you wonder why you can barely feel?

Why clarity seems elusive?

and confidence lacking..

It’s hard to feel when you’re covered in so many layers.

So how could you bring out the best of yourself, your relationships and people in general – if you’re not even able to bring your **Self** (Capital S self) forward.

Not the curated idea and set of assumptions you have around who you are.


Your** true self.**

Now, the next step on this journey is **to Embrace the Void**

This means that before you rush into painting a new picture on your blank canvas, you give yourself the chance to sit with the emptiness.

Most of men’s addictions and compulsions (work, sex, videogames, vices, etc.) stem from a basic inability to be in the presence of silence and emptiness without distraction.

**Most men dread solitude.**

This is why even in maximum security prisons, the biggest punishment that you can give to a guy (that has to hang out with murders, rapists, thieves, etc..) is to send him to solitary confinement.

**Ironic isn’t it?**

Most people would rather hang out with the worst criminals than spend time with themselves.

All because they’re unfamiliar with what lies at the core of who they are – and scared at what they may find.

However, no man can start **TRULY **living until he does that.

Until he faces the void and finds WHO HE IS and WHAT HE WANTS.

But for that, he must be willing to die and renounce to all that he’s been – most importantly, to the fears and excuses that holding back from takin the ultimate leap of faith.

So, if you’re here and ready for death and rebirth, adventure calls you…

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