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When does the healing journey end?

October 23, 2023


It ends when a person healing is no longer your identity.

It ends when you realize that there was never anything wrong with you.

It ends when you see you’re not inherently broken..

And when, instead of anxiously digging holes and pulling skeletons out of every closet, you stop judging these parts of you.

It ends when you stop being righteous with yourself.

When acceptance replaces fixing, and embracing all of you, in integrity, becomes more fulfilling than being at war with those same parts..

Healings stops when you realize that what was needed wasn’t for you to get rid of parts of who you’ve been, but to learn to include them with compassion and love.

To no longer abandon yourself nor shut down that which hurts and instead become a good friend to your own heart.

We are friends with each other not because we found someone perfect to hang out with, but because our love is greater than any perceived imperfections or judgements we may have.

Our best friendships therefore flourish effortlessly, because they’re not means to an end but an end on their own:


You’re done healing when you’ve become a good friend to yourself and the amount of love and care you have is greater than the minor, perceived flaws you learned to cope with.

Healing stops when you don’t see yourself as broken anymore.

Only then you can start truly living.


So do what you may,

spar with your demons as long as it takes..

And when ready, drop the sword and go outside.

Life awaits for you there.