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What does it mean to love women?

September 28, 2023


Men, it means to do our part.

It means to stop taking, consuming and destroying and to start reconnecting with our heart.

To love a woman is to become the sacred space where her magic flows freely and safely..

The skilled sailor of her wildest storms, unafraid of the depths of her oceans and willing to dance with it all.

To love a woman means to honour the womb we came out of with the same respect and reverence as the ones we are welcomed into.

Understanding that sex is not something you do on a Friday night when your self esteem is low and testosterone’s high.

It is a bridge towards union:

A means of total inclusion.

And the possibility of a family

and a profound spiritual evolution.

To love women means to sharpen your sword

and follow your call..

Knowing that the greatest gift you have to offer

is the Man you become.

An honest man,

loyal man,

strong, leading man.



life-nourishing man.

Today, women, I celebrate your life.

May the vestiges of your past unpleasant encounters with boyish men not stain your beauty, grace and feminine flame 🔥

May you dance wild and free:


Like the force of nature you are.