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We are facing challenging times.

July 14, 2023


Your well-being has become the bargaining chip of the power hungry.

With the “greater good” becoming a necessary end that justifies twisted means – like in any villain movie.

The challenge is that control and coercion are so insidious, subtle and almost unnoticeable when they are hidden under the pretence of virtue.

Carefully wrapped up as “Helping / Doing the right thing” for you..

Your human rights no longer rights but “optional-perks” up for discussion depending on the desired agenda of those in charge.

Removed at the whim of those who pretend to know better what’s right for you.

Your freedoms: Negotiable.

Subject to the emergencies at hand.

And the most awful part?

The willing cooperation and virtue signalling of those eager to collect brownie points for playing their role as “good citizens”.

Mommy and daddy would be proud, yet their children won’t.

Not when they inherit a world consumed by control, censorship, manipulation and discrimination.

Not when their parents contributed to planting a scary and potentially destructive political precedent when it comes to individual choice and sovereignty over one’s body.

There are no brownie points worth relinquishing our inherent human freedoms.

And no argument that justifies that.

This ain’t news though!

Society is just no longer comfortable having invaded your mind through (carefully curated) Tv programming..

Boycotting (through the media) your relationship with sex , with men, with women and with your body..

Eroding the lands, poisoning your crops, destroying the water and polluting the air is no longer enough..

For although there’s more than plenty in the world for everyone’s need, there will never be enough for one man’s greed.

So now?

Now they’re coming after YOUR freedom to choose.

Aiming to take away your freedom to decide over your body and personal boundaries.

So DO NOT fall into it:

Amidst the chaos, find your center.

In the storm of the hurricane, go into its eye!

Amidst the noise, find the silence within you.

Stand strong in what you know, deep in your heat, is right.

And whatever happens, do not ever grant ANYBODY the privilege of deciding or choosing how you should feel.

Nor what you should do.

May that freedom remain within you

And May you exercise it consciously.

So that calmness, peace and compassion become the foundations in which a dialogue is invited.

And may your grounded centre become the soil through which conscious rebellion may blossom.

Not by joining their game of division, control and coercion but by teaching them by example..

Reminding them that personal responsibility is the basis of a healthy society.

And expressing the beauty of a human being who unapologetically, consciously and fearlessly exercises his/her intrinsic freedoms.

Anna Gala said it best:

“What is right for you may not be right for me..

What is right for me may not be right for you..

But what is NOT right for either of us is being stripped of the freedoms to choose what is right for ourselves.”