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Very few choices will cost you more than a mediocre relationship.

September 14, 2023


Tell me about the countless women that grieve having “wasted” their beautiful youth and prime child-bearing years on a guy who wasn’t “yet” ready for commitment..

Tell me about all the men that reach out in despair, traumatized and jaded about unfair, vindictive divorce settlements upon realizing that way more than half of their life’s efforts is going to someone who went from soulmate to cell-mate..

Leave alone the families where kids are involved and internalizing their parents inability to communicate peacefully, respect each other and live in love and harmony..

Everyone loses when you make the wrong choice..

And sometimes the wrong choice is staying in a relationship/marriage past its due date…

Sometimes the wrong choice is ending a relationship/marriage prematurely..

Knowing whether conscious effort or distance is required is where the nuance lies..

The devil is after all in the details 😉

But one thing is certain:

Children grow to think love is meant to be painful, full of resentment, disrespect & obligation..

Men and women lose fortunes in lawyers and divorce cases, often destroying life visions, having to cash investments and damaging the family’s equity..

Add all the fights, emotional (and literal) bruises, mental drain and compromised self-worth and you have a cocktail of the perfect disaster.

NOTHING costs humans more than making a wrong choice when it comes to relationships..

So pay attention.

Be present.

Open your heart

& ask for help when needed.

Maybe it’s them… and you should go.

But maybe it’s you, and you should stay..

Yet one thing is certain:

Something’s gotta change!