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Understanding the “Monkey” Mind


There are 5 states of the mind, which if understood properly will help you know where you’re at and how to move past confusion, chaos, overwhelm and into focus, alignment and consciousness.

The 5 Minds:


They are not a problem. Simple minded people often have no trouble. They eat and sleep well and aren’t riddled by too much thought.. Life is basic but enjoyable.

Imagine those people you know who ‘aren’t too bright’ but aren’t perturbed by anything. Their mind is inert – meaning trouble and excess activity has not entered yet.


90% of the current population has an (over)active mind which often means it becomes scattered. There is overthinking, anxiety, confusion and a lot of activity but rarely any stillness.

People can’t sit in one place, can’t focus for too long, can’t really understand how they feel or what they want, can’t follow through with discipline and integrity.

It’s a carriage pulled by a thousand horses in different directions:

It may still get somewhere, but it’ll be an arduous ‘one step forward and two back’ kind of journey.


<9% of the world, mostly through self-development, personal practices and spiritual work, develop enough energy and commitment to pour their minds into a few things.

It goes from being all over the place to being one day this way, the next another. Highly polarized, however it’s able to remain in one thing for long enough for fruits and results to become tangible.

High performing Entrepreneurs going through waves of excess activity and hyper-productivity and then disconnection, reclusion and apathy are a good example of this group.


Very, very few people energize their mind up to this level where focus (and life itself) becomes an effortless, meditative process.

There’s no inner tug of war or constant division and jolting of the mind.

When the mind has become one-pointed it develops mastery (borderline genius). Here you will find most human accomplishments and technological advancements have come from those who were able to pour their life into their ONE thing.

Most people touch this state of focus sporadically and for brief moments at a time.


A rare happening, and often one of enlightenment, when a mind reaches its peak. It let’s go of the “one-pointed focus” to become all-inclusive and all-encompassing.

Genius arises. The flow state is birth from it.

It’s nothing and everything at the same time. It becomes the present moment itself and as such, a source of infinite wisdom and empowerment.

A conscious mind is the ultimate tool for one’s physical and spiritual development: It knows what to do, how to do it, when to do it.. and it ultimately doesn’t feel like you’re doing anything.

It’s to be in perfect sync with the rhythm of life.

So with all that being said, keep this in mind:

If your mind gets organized, your emotions will match your thoughts.

If your emotions get organized, your energies will match your emotions.

If your energies get organized, your very body will get organized.

With these four in alignment you become extremely empowered in your ability to create and manifest that which you want.

Clarity is the process of bringing our mind from being overactive/scattered into One-pointedness and eventual Consciousness.

In the yogic traditions, this process is achieved by energizing one’s system.

The more energy you have the more evolved your mind can become.

How far and fast you go depends on how much fuel you have and its quality..

the same goes for the human mind.

How much clarity and creative power you wish to wield, depend on how much energy is present in your system.

So how to energize our minds and body’s to grow past confusion/scattered/inert thinking?

There’s only TWO methods:


This means dealing with the all areas where your energy is currently leaking (some of these known to you, most are blind spots)


Increasing the amount and quality of the energy coming in.

If you take care of the holes in your bucket, and you pour more, higher quality fuel into it.. your mind gets to run:



& Faster

And I don’t know about you but I’d rather be exploring how good life can get, and the extent of my capabilities, than be riddled by an un-cooperative mind, dull body and confused heart.

Adventure calls you…

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