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Under the flag of compassion, people condone all sorts of pathological behaviour from their “Loved ones”..

September 7, 2023


Behind the idea of “personal, emotional responsibility” some cut their partners, coworkers and friends far too much slack when boundaries are crossed..

“love and light” is the banner of those so disconnected from their power they believe love is meek and weak.

Open mindedness and freedom are often the strongest negotiation arguments of “the modern tantrics” (AKA: promiscuous, sex addicted and emotionally unavailable people).

I could go on and on 🙂

(And yes, I’m over-generalizing and exaggerating in order to make a point)

This is the point:

Spirituality is NOT the problem.

“spirituality” is.

The commodified, desecrated, depth-absent idea of “spiritual” practice.

The problem is not with compassion and kindness, nor it is with personal responsibility for our emotions, love, light, tantra or freedom and a desire to explore for that matter..

The problem is that these -when leveraged by well articulated, ill-intended people- carry a devastating manipulative power:

Because you get to justify all kinds of nonsense in ways where those who dare cast a contrasting opinion (or even draw a boundary and call for accountability!) are instantly labelled as “closed minded, non-spiritual and “needing to do some work on themselves”.

“You’re being too dramatic and need to own how you feel!” – The narcissist is often quick to cast when he/she is caught out of integrity, in order to avoid being responsible for their lack of integrity and broken agreements.

Perhaps the real work lies in learning to face the truth..

To speak up when sacred practices are misguided and misused..

And to learn to honour the lineages that ancestors carried over centuries – for us to be able to receive them today.

Lineages that cannot be replaced by online certifications.

A lot of toxic behaviors are masked under ‘spirituality’ and it’s important we call it out without fear nor hesitation.

The alternative?

To raise the standards.

Educate others

& be accountable!


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