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To Save: Implies she’s weak and in need of help.⁠


It assumes that the “saviour” knows better and therefore the act of saving, even if practically helpful, becomes patronizing and ultimately disempowering.⁠

⁠It is time for men to understand that the only “women” who need saving are those looking for a parent (and not a partner)⁠

⁠A woman rejoices in the exploration of her own power and in the facing of her own life’s challenges.⁠

⁠Only Disney princesses need a white knight to come to the rescue.⁠

⁠The archetypal feminine is in fact far more ferocious, furious and capable of far more intensity and wild expression than the masculine.⁠

⁠To Serve: Means to be of use, to support and to do what is conscious and useful (not necessarily what is good or nice)⁠

⁠To serve means that you honour her power while also understanding the beauty that is possible when there’s a mutual desire for co-creation.⁠

⁠To serve is to support someone in that which is important to them – and NEVER to try and do it for them. ⁠

⁠For a man to serve a woman he must first recognize that the relationship is a dance where both play different yet equally meaningful roles.⁠

⁠And a dance is only beautiful when both partners are co-creating it from a place of love.⁠

⁠Never from a place of obligation, of forcing, trying to change or disempowering the other.⁠

⁠No matter how good your intentions.⁠

⁠A partner that needs to be saved, is looking for a parent.⁠

⁠A partner that celebrates being served, is open for love.⁠