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The word “resolution” comes from the latin “resolutionem” which means: “to loosen/to release”

September 19, 2023


Through its origins, the word resolution always referred to the process of reducing things into simpler forms.
NOT adding.
NOT thinking of what’s missing.
NOT looking at what’s wrong
and how it should be changed.
So a New Resolution is NOT something you add to your already-filled (and heavily procrastinated on) list of things you’d love to have, do and become.
It is -instead- the act of asking yourself:
“What am I ready to let go of?”
Because most of the wealth, health, love and spiritual growth that are not yet present in your experience are NOT going to come from anxiously chasing them.
They will come the moment there’s space in your life -and in your heart- to welcome something NEW.
The problem is that you keep asking the universe for all kinds of things while having your hands full (and arms crossed.)
That’s never going to work…
So, make a TRUE resolution:
Decide what you will let go of
In your habits
In your relationships
In your social circle
In your business / projects
In your day to day
And above all,
Decide how much of YOURSELF
you’re willing to shed for good?
You will see
PS: Here’s EIGHT key prompts to support
this inquiry:
1- Where is there excess in my life?
2- What friendships I’ve begun to resent?
3- What kind of clients/ projects drain me or distract me?
4- What useless habits consume a big chunk of my days?
5- How could I simplify my life ?
6- What’s a ONE WORD theme I will commit to for?
7- In what areas would rest and slowing down benefit me?
8- What’s one belief that caused trouble and has now reached its expiry date?
That’s it!
May silence, rest, and paced, conscious action permeate your next lap around the sun.
And may the silence that your renunciations create become fertile soil for the most beautiful, majestic music you could’ve ever dreamt of.

Love you!

-Nico Canon