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Self-development is nothing but aggrandized, socially celebrated, self-referencing behaviour.

October 17, 2023


Me, more, mine! – And the endless craving to make ME better & have more. (More love, money, health, etc..)

Nothing wrong with that, but the pain that brings about your original seeking (the pain of “not enoughness”) cannot be relieved by developing the self..

For the identification with your limited self is the core of suffering itself.

Making it shinier may look like progress, is appreciated culturally and may bring about plenty of comfort and accomplishment..

Yet the deep ache remains.

You are not what you could be..

And in some way, you never will.

Within you there’s something that won’t settle for anything less than the infinite.

For you don’t want more, you want it ALL.

So no matter your wealth, happy family, vibrant health and cultivated virtues you’re bound to keep feeling a void within that no accomplishment or fleeting pleasure can fill in.

Developing your self is to keep throwing logs at the fire of wanting and becoming..

Forever eluding a complete sense of arrival.

The spiritual path opens up to those who -having reached most of what they dreamt of- realize that nothing much has really changed..

There may be external comfort and company, but within they remain the same.

Only then they know that the journey is not about self-development, for you can’t count your way, one by one, and expect to one day arrive to infinity..

The journey is about self-immolation.


You may not be able to count your way to infinite but subtracting your way down to Zero is a real possibility.

Becoming nothing, and with that, boundless.

Freeing yourself from the prison of Self, whether pathological or well-developed, is the only sensible thing you can do..

Loosen up your identity, what you like and dislike, who you think you are and what you think is yours.

And you’ll see how, the lesser you become the stronger your presence will be.

Until you’re nothing but life itself.

Like the winds, oceans and fires..

Only when you’re willing to give all of yourself up you can have it all.

Stop chaining yourself with golden necklaces and calling it freedom.