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See.. Enlightenment is the greatest cosmic joke


Because it’s impossible to reach a place you’ve never left.

Because once you get there..


You will see why it’s called THE present.🎁

And you will giggle at the absurd beauty of it all..

You will laugh at all the ways in which your mind managed to distract you, numb you and keep you from coming home to yourself and to this realization.

You will look at all your trauma, karma and dysfunctions with a smirk and compassion – but also with wisdom, because you will then get that what you were afraid of was actually where your real power and essence resided.

You will see that no deal (pleasure, achievement, fame or money..) comes remotely close to the ecstatic bliss and gift of the experience of being free from it all.

And not free in a “I’m above this, I don’t need it.” Or “I’m here merely to transcend reality” kind of way..

But FREE in the sense that you will, for the first time, see the world as it is.

FREE from your mental clutter, from the blurred and confusing states that your obsession with past and future often brings.

FREE to actually LIVE.

Because in that moment, you will realize that you have been a mere byproduct of your upbringing, circumstances, ideas, compulsions and desires.

You’ve been but a prisoner of your own body and mind, forgetting all along that they were only supposed to be tools.

Tools for you to joyfully explore THE PRESENT you were given.

Tools for you to unpack it and play with it..

Yet you chose to bind and hang yourself with the ribbons that wrapped the gift..🎀

Forgetting that life was about far more than you realized.

And you will laugh and cry..

And it will feel the same..

And you will cherish pain and release shame..

For you’ll finally know

Why it is that you came.

For you will finally understand (and profoundly enjoy) this game.