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Sacred union means the experiential dissolution of all boundaries, mental, physical and spiritual.

October 1, 2023


Intentional relationships are the conscious embracing and setting of boundaries, vows and agreements.

Ultimately, boundaries are structures meant to protect those tender, fragile parts of our psyche and heart.

They’re useful as a stepping stone towards trust,

and trust is -for most- a prerequisite to devotion:

The leap of faith where we allow for all boundaries and separation to drop in the name of love.

Meaning that we arrive at a place of reverence – NO MATTER WHAT.

If the thought of worshipping your partner, no matter what, scares you it’s because you would not trust them with giving them such power over you.

You fear (or anticipate) they would abuse or misuse it.

Therefore your spiritual growth in relationship does not yet lie in anxiously forcing yourself to be there for your beloved, but in learning to create a safe structure, honoured boundaries and kept agreements.

These will become the training wheels where you test-ride how deeply you’re ready to trust the other with your heart..

And when the day comes -if you’re ready- you let it all go and take a leap of faith.

You FALL in love.

You merge in love.

This is the ultimate relational experience we can have as human beings:

To give all of our life as a sacred offering to someone else, unconcerned with what we may get back.

We stop making deals and negotiating love and we -for once- learn to give it all away.

For a parent that loves their kid, this is what they talk about when they say it’s the most beautiful and transformative experience of their life.

To hold another life with higher reverence than one’s own.

That is devotion.

And that is what I aim to guide people into, in their romantic relationships.

A bridge into dissolution, and a significant stepping stone in one’s spiritual journey.

An extremely challenging goal in a culture that glorifies hyper-individualism and separation…

but the most worthy one.