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Of all the wonders, precious treasures and mysteries of life, women are the most captivating.

July 15, 2023


And to constantly remain in awe -in a world that’s quick to move onto the next shiny thing- takes conscious effort..

To look at our partner every day with fresh eyes..

To celebrate the moments shared, in play and conflict, gentleness and fierceness, love and passion.

To not let the weight of daily responsibility crush the petals of blossoming romances..

For the moment we believe we know who our partner is, is the moment we’ve unconsciously placed them in a cage..

and live things in a cage start to rot and mold rather quickly..

For no human being will ever fit into the limited ideas and concepts we may have of them.

So curiousity, wonder and healthy distance are the necessary flames that fuel large and long burning fires.

Every moment, a present.

Every embrace, a coming home.

Every night shared, a coming back to God.

Nicolas Canon
Nico Canon is an artist, writer and dating coach. His art and writing are about reclaiming our right to be seduced by our lives and relationships. Through his work he explores the links between people and their deepest and rawest desires, opening up a bridge of self-expression and acceptance.

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