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Nothing has brought me more tears, cost me more lovers, left me the most money on the table and led to biggest regrets than acting from a place of confusion.

July 29, 2023


I spent countless months suffering the relationships I was in, unsure about leaving or staying.

Unaware of whether it was me or them unconsciously destroying the relationship..

Confused, unable to commit fully or end things and move forward..

The result was the eventual escalation of drama, chaos and toxicity.

Because nothing erodes love more than one (or both) partners being unsure of it.

I spent over 6 years confused about sharing my gifts and my message. Feeling that I wanted to help everyone but not being able to narrow down who I wanted to work with and how.

So I’d go in all kinds of directions and spread myself thin, then assume this path wasn’t for me (when in reality I just hadn’t committed to it)

I’d hide behind the facade of perfectionism when in reality, I was just afraid.

Left a lot of money on the table from people not knowing who I was or what I did, and I don’t judge them because I did not know either.

Had an early investment in crypto that, due to confusion and lack of clarity, I pulled out as soon as things got rocky. Little did I know that my money could’ve multiplied beyond my wildest assumptions.

That’s what happens when we act out of confusion: We tend to honour our fears more than our dreams.

We look at all the “What ifs/ Buts” and forget to connect with our WHY.

So we lose.

Because what is chaos if not energy confused, unsure about its rightful place?..

And what is harmony if not the succession of energies, events and situations in perfect alignment?

Confusion leads to disaster because it goes against the laws of nature.

Everything has been created with mathematical perfection at its core and there’s nothing ‘random’ about it.

Which means that the source of creation was very clear and intentional in its manifestation of all that we know today..

This is why when we get stuck overthinking we get distracted (destructed)

Something is always bound to break when the mind runs loose, justifying its fears and avoiding its vision.

Looking back at the missed opportunities, broken connections and delayed dreams I wish someone had supported me and given me a subtle push into reconnecting to what was essential and getting clear on what was important.

And it would have been smoother if life didn’t have to wake me up abruptly, through pain, loss and complications.

However, I’m grateful for the journey that has me here today.

But I’m also mindful of those who find themselves uncertain, stuck and confused.

Be it in love, career or spiritually.

Because they’re one poor, confused decision away from a lot of regret…

But also one clear, aligned, conscious decision away from a lot of success.

There’s nothing more awful than being in the grey zone (with a lover, a client or within ourselves)

And it doesn’t have to be that way.

Because clarity is not out there for us to one day gather it or catch it forcefully…

In fact, clarity is the essence of who we are.

It is just that we’ve gathered so much “noise” that the signal of our truth is barely audible.

But it’s there, hidden deep beneath all those layers of nonsense, if you’re willing to look..

But looking requires courage,

and courage, my friend, is rare.

Adventure calls you…

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