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Nobody *HAS TO* lead, or follow for that matter.

November 12, 2023


The most beautiful things in life, if forced upon you, become the ugliest.

Sex, religion and food are great examples of this.

The most sacred quickly become the most traumatic.

A person with a predominant masculine energy enjoys leading as extension of their nature – like an artist loves painting or a bird loves singing.

(Btw to lead does not mean to parent)

The masculine and feminine are not the same.

They are complimentary forces (of equal value) within a dance.

A great tango dancer never resents the fact he’s the one leading..

He thrives on it.

And knows that it’s only beautiful because his partner thrives on following.

They both love to play their roles, knowing that when the dance ends, they may choose to step out and be more fluid given what the situation requires.. (work, parenting, home duties..)

Yet if they want to feel the magic of the dance, the energy has to flow from the positive to the negative pole.

It won’t flow between depolarized poles.

In my experience, every masculine man who feels profound love for his partner feels the desire to show up for her.

Not because she’s weak.

Not because he has to.

But because he gets to.

Because it pleases him to do so.

And every feminine woman I’ve met who feels profound trust and respect for her partner feels the desire to follow and surrender..

Not because he demands it.

Not because she has to.

But because she gets to.

It frees her up, ecstatically, to do so.

And in that dance, they both step a little bit beyond their limited identity and a little closer towards a state of sacred union.

Yet if forced (demanded or expected), what could’ve been a bridge towards the divine becomes a shortcut straight to hell.

Polarity is beautiful, but be mindful of the ways it’s used as a dividing weapon instead of a uniting agent.


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