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July 10, 2023


Men, your fragility, meekness and absent backbone wrapped up in pseudo-spiritual concepts and well-worded nonsense DO NOT serve anybody.

It’s very easy and convenient to delude yourself into thinking that “you’re above money and carnal desires” when nobody is eager to pay you or f*ck you 🙂

Because then you don’t have to deal with all the frustration, grief and powerlessness that these circumstances create within you..

However, spirituality is about mastering the life that you are.. and NEVER about ignoring, conveniently avoiding or escaping it.

Your work, therefore, starts by becoming competent in the game of life starting with the slower moving, most dense forms of energy: The physical (and therefore the sexual)

“Ascension” void of erection and penetration leads to nothing but mental-masturbation.

In other words, pretending to play a “higher” game of life while your relationships remain chaotic, while your finances remain disorganized, while your woman and wallet both resent you..

is nothing but a bypass.

And an ugly one, because you delude yourself into thinking there’s progress while in reality you just found a very intricate and refined way to escape reality.

So it is only after you’ve accomplished and gotten all that you dreamt and lusted after..

..and realized that the essential thirst of your quest was not satiated through these achievements and therefore no amount of pleasure or luxury could ever fulfill you..

Then and only then you are ready for the spiritual journey.

It is then that you are ready to embark in a serious spiritual journey – no longer tempted or allured by the distractions of the world.

Not because they’re below you but because they’re games you’ve already mastered – and you’re ready to level up.

But here’s the caveat:

It MUST be an experiential knowing.

Lots of men are still struggling to hold a stable relationship or to reach a basic level of financial abundance.. therefore subtly using their “spiritual journey” as a mere bypass of their own incompetence.

Crude? perhaps.. But true.

But let me make this clear:

Women, Men (and children) need more MEN.

Men with a backbone, with their eyes on God and their feet deeply grounded and rooted in the earth.

Men capable of leadership, protection, provision and heart connection – so that their inner experience becomes realized outside of them too.

The world does NOT need any more men sitting in drum circles, drinking cacao and eating mushrooms at music festivals.

It does NOT need any more men disguising their un-processed sexual compulsions under twisted versions of tantra, openness and freedom.

Sacred sexuality is not a hippy bargain, nor a free-pass into promiscuity.

Brother, the world needs MEN who are no longer limp in their capacity to penetrate their women and their world.

And I’m not only talking about sexuality.

I speak of Men capable of standing a firm ground, rock solid, in coherence with that which matters.

Men competent enough to inspire, impact and improve their communities at a meaningful scale.

Men aware enough to understand that the earth they walk on is sacred, that their body and women’s bodies are sacred and that their work is sacred.

We need men who do not pretend to be above the world, but instead, remember they are OF the earth. Men who remember they are here to serve, protect and steward it into harmony.

Men who are present enough to see that the spiritual path starts with where they’re at – and attentive enough to notice that there’s a lot of work to be done HERE and NOW.

Not endlessly lost and secluded in meditation (which is nothing but overthinking in silence, for most) but instead, immensely involved in life.

The feminine is aching for deeper, more reliable, anti-fragile structure.

The feminine is tired of powerless boys pretending to embody the sacred masculine..

They want grounded Men.

Heart & Earth connected Men.

They want SOLID Men.

So, when the moment comes, will you stand up and step up?

or will you slowly allow yourself, and everything that matters, to be stepped on?

The choice is yours.

Adventure calls you…

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