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Most of the ruptures in relationships are the result of red flags you turned a blind eye to – early on.

August 20, 2023


And if you are in a relationship, most of the drama you experience right now is probably the result of incongruences and misalignments that you knew were there from the first moment..

Let’s face it!

You knew they were like that and still went ahead with it.

Hoping they’d change, mature, grow or be different..

Crossing your fingers hoping for the best but really bracing for the worst.

Because when you settle for less you end up in a mess.

Not to say people can’t grow and self-actualize, but you’ll end up playing parent/coach/mentor in their journey of maturity.

Nothing wrong with that, just way more challenging.

So what to do instead?

Well, when you rush into something out of boredom, loneliness or horniness you’re doomed to reap what you sow.

Patience, self-respect and discernment are essential qualities you must cultivate if you want to uphold conscious standards for the lovers you allow into your life.

So your choices are to settle for mediocre partners..

or to focus on your own development, embodiment and growth so that you may become the kind of man/woman that pulls in a devoted, committed, passionate kind of love.

But one thing is certain:

There’s no such thing as a casual anything when it comes to love..

Unless you use your heart as a hobby

and your body as a public toilet

instead of a sanctuary.

The moment you stop playing games,

you stop attracting infants.

Never settle.