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Love is not enough..

November 11, 2023


It’s a great beginning.

But alone it won’t sustain a relationship over time.

Love is energy.

And energy without a reliable vehicle to run through ends up being dissipated into thin air..

Energy channeled through a container is of great value.

Think of fire versus electricity.

Fire may be more beautiful,

Yet electricity is more practical.

In a relationship you need both.

You need the spark that ignites the engine..

AND you need a well designed, well oiled engine.

So what’s the engine of relationships?

It’s its structures:

– The relational culture

– The agreements and vows

– The defined ways of navigating conflict

– The tools to bridge divides

– The rituals that nourish friendship

– The rituals that nourish desire

– The social & financial context

– The greater vision & mission

– The spiritual frame from which you relate

These are some of the structures that ensure that the love you feel can travel far and for a long, long time without breaking down.

Yet on love alone you’ll burn your life to ashes.


Open your heart; but don’t close your mind in the process.

Nicolas Canon
Nico Canon is an artist, writer and dating coach. His art and writing are about reclaiming our right to be seduced by our lives and relationships. Through his work he explores the links between people and their deepest and rawest desires, opening up a bridge of self-expression and acceptance.

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