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Let me be straight (and a bit rough) for a second:

September 18, 2023


Rarely anything hurts more than the decay and eventual loss of what used to be a loving relationship..

Separation, lawyers, wasted money, stories and families breaking apart..

Or merely feeling that you wasted your time (and perhaps your youth) on someone who was far from what you dreamt your lover would be like..

Never quite sure of a relationship that had glimpses of beauty, and plenty of ongoing ugly within it.

And the worst of all pains:

Knowing you settled down for mediocre, unconscious and uninspiring love.. ageing void of life and passion next to someone that has turned into a mere roommate (or even worse, someone you now resent and look down to.)

Then we throw into the mix that, in most relationships, it’s often only one of the partners doing the work and dragging the other around..

So you end up feeling alone in trying to improve things.

And when you seek guidance, you come across oversimplified, confusing online advice or unreliable text-book therapists..

Cliche polarity teachings that dismiss the complexity of a long term relationships..

Therapeutic and spiritual teachings that sounds good, make sense, yet end up pushing down your emotions, self-expression and eventually your aliveness.

All of which just don’t cut it for someone who plays life at a very high level and who is not willing to tolerate average in any area of their life..

For they know deep in their heart that it is possible to have spiritual, physical and emotional alignment with their loved one.

Simple teachings for simple people.

Tailored ones, for those on a more profound path.

Anyone can roughly patch up and duct-tape together a broken bicycle… yet if it’s a Formula1 car you’re dealing with, basic approaches just won’t cut it

Throw in all the complexity of high-responsibility business, work and family life and you’re left overburdened, under-resourced and rarely able to make time to prioritize yourself and your needs.

For some, the most pressing need is for clarity around staying or leaving the relationship.

For others who have done some work, the need to proactively improve and embrace change before the monsters of chaos, routine and contempt sink in…

One thing is certain:

Nothing breaks a conscious human’s heart more than feeling ambiguous about anything they do..

Or anyone they love.

For they thrive on commitment and to feel lukewarm about a relationship is not very far from hell itself.

Fortunately, we get to tend to the soil of our relationships and remove the weeds, plant the right seeds and rejoice in the harvests of our choice:

A love rooted in a clean slate, harmony and mutual understanding (especially during conflict) as well as a juicy sex life..

Or not…

We can watch Rome decay and burn in front of our very eyes..

And what once was the greatest dream and potential of a timeless empire becomes consumed by the ignorance and willful distraction of those ‘leading’ it.

So what to do?

If you’re someone who is committed to the restoration of the sacredness of family on earth..

And you feel that there’s far more to your relationship than what you and your partner are currently bringing forth and allowing..

I invite you to join me in next Sacred Relationships Mastermind.

It is a 12 month commitment to save, transform & reignite

good relationships. (or knowing when & how to gracefully let go of misaligned ones.)

Without overused polarity teachings or simplistic spiritual (bypassing) concepts.

My commitment to you, if you join the mastermind is that your relationships will be radically transformed by the end of the year..

You will be in love, spiritually aligned, full of passion, healthy communication and burning devotion..

..Or you will have confidently made the choice to finally move on and get out of misaligned relationships that you were on & off about for years…


Let’s talk!