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“Just listen to your body” is one of the worst advices you can give to someone..

July 27, 2023


Because you don’t know that person well enough, nor you know their body.

Most human bodies are riddled with trauma responses, emotional triggers and physiological (health-related) imbalances.

So to “listen to your body” when your body is the storage facility of a lot of unconscious habits, pathologies, reactions and fears.. is like listening to your unemployed friend when in need of financial advice…

He -always- has something to say, but chances are it’s not something useful.

To listen to your body means that sometimes you are lazy, sometimes horny, sometimes depressed and insecure, sometimes manic and empowered..

You know yourself and the cycles you go through.

You want to learn to decide and act from a place rooted deeper than your mere biology.

This means that Clarity isn’t necessarily what feels good but -fundamentally- what is BEST for you.

Out of Feel-good-chemicals and listening to her body, a child will binge on icecream endlessly.. Because the salad may taste a bit bitter and not provide as much brain stimulation..

However Clarity means knowing what the best (and most useful, given where we want to go) step is in this moment.

It doesn’t mean that it’s a decision you make forever and ever..


It means that, right now, in THIS moment, you act consciously (which means keeping the best interests and inclusion of those around you, nature, yourself and your future self)

You will adjust as life moves forward, but at least you’ve set foot on a stable foundation.

To be clear means that you understand that confusion is a choice..

That’s a hard one to swallow.

However, procrastinating on deciding just means you’ve decided to stay the same for a little longer.

And no amount of overthinking has ever bred clear-thinking.

You cannot anxiously throw paint colours at a canvas and get white as a result..

You must start peeling back, letting go and clearing the chaos.

Adventure calls you…

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