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I’ve gone past the edge of sanity and made friends with the fear of losing my mind – therefore I live in peace.

July 22, 2023


I have explored the dark, addictive and compulsive nature of sexuality and explored things too taboo for most people to consider (all legal tho🤣)-and because of that I’m friends with my instincts.

They do not rule me nor am I any longer corrupted or seduced by lust.

I have stayed at the fanciest hotels and slept in train stations, had dinner with investment bankers and split a meal with the homeless..

I’ve eaten tuna cans and pasta for months and also spent thousands on luxurious restaurants – therefore I don’t fear poverty nor romanticize riches.

Simplicity doesn’t scare me nor am I enamoured by wealth.

I’ve been a hermit and a party animal.

The shy, timid kid and the social butterfly.

So I welcome solitude and company alike.

I’ve been the bully and the bullied, the perpetrator and the victim, the oppressor and the oppressed – and in all roles I’ve realized that I was in a perfect dance with the other.

Because of that I stopped pointing fingers and became responsible for what I do and owned what I feel.

For to be whole means to bring the ugly, unwanted parts of us closer.

To embrace that which scares us and face head on that which we’d rather look away from.

Some people grow wise through reflection,

Some of us through trial and error.

And some just refuse to grow.

So make mistakes if you must..

But do not fear any part of life.

For those who live slow and fearfully

Reach their death the fastest:

While they’re still alive.