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It is NOT okay to be weak!

August 29, 2023


It is NOT okay to be anxious,

Depressed, morbidly obese or perpetually ill.

also NOT okay to live in scarcity.

To normalize sickness is itself the highest form of sickness!

Imagine that homes were built in such a way that 1 out of 4

randomly collapsed with people inside.

Or that a third of all vehicles broke down mid-highway, leading to endless accidents and chaos.

Would you say “It’s okay that houses breakdown and cars explode”?

You would have to be out of your mind to normalize such thing!

When something does not work the way it’s intended to, it means that somewhere along the line, someone stopped paying attention.

Somebody stopped being careful, mindful and intentional about it.

The same goes for you.

That which is weak is craving to be cared for and strengthened..

NOT to be normalized.

You can accept that you are going through a period of fragility and chaos (mental, emotional, financial, relational) without normalizing it.

If you’re sick, you can accept that your body requires care and you should ask for help – but never pretend that sickness should be the norm for your life.

If you’re anxious, you can recognize that something in your life is out of order and reach out for support if needed – but never become resigned to your life being a cycle of bipolar emotions, pills and inner torment.

You must accept your vulnerability,

recognize when you require external support

and reach out for it.

To accept that a part of you needs attention

and to do what is needed to tend to that part

MUST happen.

But you should never create a pathological philosophy around life, pretending that weakness, anxiety, depression, sickness and terrible eating & sleeping patterns are NORMAL

There’s nothing normal about that!

This life that you are is meant to thrive.

It is powerful beyond logical measure.

Resilient far above your wildest ideas.

The source of creation thrives within you

And is dying to find its FULL expression.

and I’m here to remind you

that weak ain’t it!

Drop the nonsense.

And do whatever it takes to come back into your *actual* nature:




& Prosperity.

THESE are OKAY ways to live.