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Imagine every day waking up more in love with a person who is your best friend, most mischievous lover and spiritual partner..


Realizing that the aliveness and radiance that has been nurtured between you two is not only a catalyst for beauty in your own life but a contagious fragrance that touches every corner of every place and heart you two walk by..

A love story that -quite literally- makes the world a brighter place.

A reminder to yourself and to others that what you dream is not only possible but necessary, as you become an inspiring duo for other couples and families.

Imagine a love so profound that there’s no longer room for “what if’s”, doubts, jealousy or insecurities – for you feel each other’s hearts as your own and in the depths of that intimacy, there’s a bond no mortal would dare break.

A sacred bond of such intense energy that it empowers and amplifies your confidence, trust & thrust in life.. (and your finances tangibly reflect this.)

Your increased impact and income being an enjoyable side effect of the affirming strength and clarity with which you walk through this earth, knowing that poverty or wealth, you’ve already made it:

For when there’s true love in your heart, there’s nothing else you need.

Nobody can buy your life (time) nor there’s a deal seductive enough that would have you compromise your truth..

So your work becomes an act of play and divine service, and no longer a survival obligation.

And so it happens that the greater powers of life bestow such couples with the prosperity required for them to be beacons of healing and transformation in their communities.

Your aliveness and magnetism – fruits of well cultivated play and sensual exploration – become the keys that open doors of opportunity previously closed and seemingly unaccessible.

You discover that manifestation is the power to create, and that it’s A LOT easier to create when there’s harmony between the masculine and the feminine poles in your relationship.

You discover, experientially, that 1+1 no longer equals the loss of both, nor 1+1 = 2.

1+1 = 11.

Imagine a love so radiant and juicy that others can’t help themselves from asking you what your secret is..

And the beauty of your connection with your beloved becomes the foundations from which those around you look up to you when it comes to finding, guiding and orienting their own romantic relationships.

And your relationship becomes a seed that heals the earth as it grows stronger and its roots deeper.

What a beautiful possibility to realize that you can have your cake and eat while you’re still alive and that -no matter what they’ve told you, the depressing statistics and naysayers- you’ve proven (once again) to yourself that your dreams exist not as mere ideology or fantasy..

But as a higher calling.

Echoes of the arrival of a future you who knows what’s possible in life, in love and in service.

A love story that frees you from all bondage and brings you home into the lap of the creator / creation.

Now, as I celebrate our 4 year anniversary with my wife, I cannot imagine what other wild adventures and life-affirming surprises this journey has in store for us..

Yet I rejoice the present and eagerly anticipate the cultivation of all the seeds we’ve planted.

AND the truth is that our first years together were far from being like this.

Bitterness, bickering and ongoing drama had pushed us away to the edge of breakup several times.

Frustration and confusion were our daily companions (mostly due to following the advice of a bunch of well-spoken yet unexperienced love “coaches” and polarity “teachers”.)

I carried grief, resentment and pain from previous relationships (and so did she)

I didn’t know how to move past my own heart closures and trust her enough to be vulnerable and open up once again (and neither did she).

But over the years, through patience, guides, jungle amazonian medicines and a relentless commitment, I understood a few key areas that -when tended to consciously- release all that gooey baggage that fuels isolation.

A few keys that when applied in the correct order and with the right guidance and atmosphere open up the doors of love, connection and profound healing.

If you’re single or in a relationship, and your love story is not what it could be (yet) AND you feel in your gut that more is possible for you.

Actually not merely possible, but it has become a necessity.

The next step of growth in your curriculum..

Adventure calls you…

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Cheers. Nico