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If your partner is not pursuing their own spiritual journey, your relationship will fail.

August 12, 2023



A spiritual journey in essence is when a person is striving to raise above their compulsions and physicality (body, emotions and mind).

This means that their actions aren’t ruled by their biology, their traumas and emotional turmoil and their fears and mental constructs.

We all know what is like to walk in eggshells around someone because of their incapacity (and immaturity) around taking charge of their own wellbeing.

Your journey of growth needs not be the same, but each one must follow their own journey and for THEIR OWN reasons.

Never merely to please, as this will never sustain.

When you’re in a relationship, imagine there’s a rope that binds you. (which karmically and energetically, there always is)

If you are moving at a faster pace than your partner, you will feel that you must drag him and pull him forward and the moment this happens you will inevitably resent him for weighing you down..

But he will feel he’s never good enough for you and resent you for forcefully tossing him around.

Even if you’re going to a beautiful place that’s good for you – if you’re pulled and hastened along the way, you will despise the whole journey.

So when one of you is not in a journey of moving beyond his/her limitations, the distance between you will grow and a day will come when the pushing and pulling starts.

On the other hand, when you’re both devoted to your spiritual growth, you will take responsibility for your emotions..

You will own your trauma, past and projections..

You will apologize when you’ve erred.

And above all,

You will take impeccable care of your own heart.

Your happiness will be on YOUR terms.

Your love:

a choice and never again a bargaining chip.

But remember:

For this to work, BOTH people must do the work.

& for it to fail, all it takes is one of you to be unwilling.

You can share the journey but you will never be able to walk for another.

So choose someone who’s going in the same direction and whose pace matches yours..

and the rest will flow.