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If your highest aspiration as a male have not evolved beyond a big wallet and a hot, loving woman, you are bound to die still a boy.

August 7, 2023


No matter how big your business is or how healthy and beautiful your relationships, your life goes way beyond mere survival.

Money & Love/Sex being the essence of it.

We can place all the spiritual labels and adorn money making as “serving a higher purpose while increasing your frequency of abundance and wealth”..

We can romanticize relationships into “mystical divine sacred tantric union of polarities and spiritual allies”..

But a simple truth remains:

💰You are pouring your life into making more money and feeling better about the ways in which you make it..

♥️And feeling loved and desired, while navigating better the commitments you’ve made.

So.. Money & Relationships. 🙂

Nothing wrong with these but they are limited!

Slightly better -perhaps- than an animal’s life (which revolves around survival and procreation)..

This is not a judgement, just an observation.

One that may touch a tender place within you for YOU KNOW there must be more to life than chasing work & women.


It is time that you take a bold stand and rise above your most basic nature (including it, not repressing it)

It is time that your raw animalistic forces become a supportive ingredient of your spiritual journey.

In spanish, to tame a beast we say “Domar la bestia”

And back through its latin origins, ‘domar’ finds roots in “amaestrar” which means “to induce and bring mastery into”

So to tame your wild force of nature is not to suppress nor forcefully coerce and tyrannize yourself into compliance.

Not at all.

That will never sustain.

It is, instead, to gain mastery of all that you are, your light and your dark, your virtue and your vice, your fire and your fear..

For only then, you will have stepped fully into manhood.

Only then, you will be a man worthy of trust, for you can no longer be corrupted by sex nor money.

And that means you will NEVER again compromise on YOUR truth..

A truth rooted in your humanity AND dignity.

and that, my man, is the ONLY honourable way to live 👊🏽🔥

Ps: women, share with the MEN you love! 🖤